FY13 State Summary 5-Year Trends
Collection:   Public Library Statistics     Period     - 2013Excel
2. Population of the Legal Service Area  trendTotal
20. Total Paid Employees FTE  trendTotal
30. Total Operating Expenditures  trendTotal
Total Operating Expenditures per Capita  trendTotal
48. Print Materials  trendTotal
52. Audio - Physical Units  trendTotal
56. Video - Physical Units  trendTotal
39. Library Visits  trendTotal
64. Total Circulation  trendTotal
69. Internet Computers Used by General Public  trendTotal
70. Uses of Public Internet Computers Per Year  trendTotal
28. Total Collection Expenditures  trendTotal
38. Public Service Hours Per Year  trendTotal
40. Reference Transactions  trendTotal
41. Registered Users  trendTotal
58. Current Print Serial Subscriptions  trendTotal
66. Circulation of Children's Materials  trendTotal
33. Local Government Revenue  trendTotal
37. Total Revenue  trendTotal
Total Circulation per Capita  trendTotal
Library Visits per Capita  trendTotal
17. ALA-MLS FTE  trendTotal
18. Total Librarians FTE  trendTotal
19. All Other Paid Employees FTE  trendTotal
21. Total number of staff positions  trendTotal
22. Salaries & Wages Expenditures  trendTotal
23. Employee Benefits Expenditures  trendTotal
24. Total Staff Expenditures  trendTotal
25. Print Materials Expenditures  trendTotal
26. Electronic Materials Expenditures  trendTotal
27. Other Materials Expenditures  trendTotal
29. Other Operating Expenditures  trendTotal
34. State Government Revenue  trendTotal
35. Federal Government Revenue  trendTotal
36. Other Revenue  trendTotal
Percent of chidren's circulation to total circulation  trendTotal
72. Children's Programs  trendTotal
73. Young Adult Programs  trendTotal
74. Other Programs  trendTotal
75. Total Library Programs  trendTotal
76. Children's Program Attendance  trendTotal
77. Young Adult Program Attendance  trendTotal
78. Other Program Attendance  trendTotal
79. Total Program Attendance  trendTotal
80. Children summer reading participants  trendTotal
81. Adult summer reading participants  trendTotal
82. Total summer reading participants  trendTotal
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