Public Libraries-2013
Collection:   Public Library Survey      Period:  2013, Start  2013-01   Months:  12
Locations  (112) County Total Population Chartered OR Contracted to serve most recent Total Operating Income Annual Public Service Hours/Year (ALL outlets) Registered Users Annual Total Attendance in Library Total Circulation Annual Total Reference Transactions Completed Annual Number of Public Access/Internet USES/sessions (per 30-minute sessions) Total Library Programs Total Program Attendance
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A H BROWN PUBLIC LIBRARYWALWORTH4,003$125,6592,4962,26921,93223,2432,9459,709491,528
ALCESTER PUBLIC LIBRARYUNION2,486$67,8252,36671413,6506,2881,2634,342981,062
ALEXANDER MITCHELL LIBRARYBROWN37,331$1,088,1893,3809,472123,100234,45552,60049,40028815,614
ARMOUR-CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARYDOUGLAS876$25,2006248761,3105,80816180398
AVON PUBLIC LIBRARYBON HOMME583$21,7369363253,0854,4812,5002,753215
BELLE FOURCHE PUBLIC LIBRARYBUTTE10,330$214,3532,08010,11017,59668,0311,29310,136413,924
BENNETT COUNTY LIBRARYBENNETT3,452$79,6452,3402,4049,8076,6433206,95457509
BERESFORD PUBLIC LIBRARYUNION2,040$198,0362,2363,08949,60060,9274,80011,291603,636
BISON PUBLIC LIBRARYPERKINS333$14,7381,0402502,9292,082201,93238534
BRITTON PUBLIC LIBRARYMARSHALL1,238$130,9182,6002,09616,35924,3589052,146701,693
BROOKINGS PUBLIC LIBRARYBROOKINGS22,591$1,035,8743,16614,548161,159286,89210,10569,68553222,099
BURKE PUBLIC LIBRARYGREGORY604$14,7305723072,5003,9449820810243
CANTON PUBLIC LIBRARYLINCOLN3,224$196,5692,4963,10634,22948,4972,2363,500811,781
CENTERVILLE COMMUNITY LIBRARYTURNER1,521$82,7382,7561,93460,06023,5472,8603,6401363,083
CLEAR LAKE CITY LIBRARYDEUEL1,273$35,8191,2481,6474,4336,3653437423104
COZARD MEMORIAL LIBRARYBRULE2,863$144,4432,2364,45835,76940,50510,0627,7581202,614
CUSTER COUNTY LIBRARYCUSTER8,468$183,8802,7563,85837,22949,0431,8727,637591,318
DAKOTA CLUB LIBRARYDEWEY10,564$30,7471,5601,6213,6722,62442764526
DEADWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARYLAWRENCE24,910$124,7392,3401,79216,24020,7194,37213,1381981,883
DELL RAPIDS CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARYMINNEHAHA3,689$165,9092,6022,85120,80025,8174,4203,140952,826
DEWEY COUNTY LIBRARYDEWEY5,586$44,4521,8723,51014,0005,13510,0005,700310
DOROTHEE PIKE MEMORIAL LIBRARYKINGSBURY605$17,7018405991,6011,54013539640208
EDGEMONT PUBLIC LIBRARYFALL RIVER753$82,6012,08057118,02319,4801,6769,972621,321
EDITH B SIEGRIST VERMILLION PUBLIC LIBRARYCLAY10,811$567,2913,2766,05620,39477,35137530,5174879,718
ELK POINT-JEFFERSON COMMUNITY/SCHOOL LIBRARYUNION5,037$119,7352,7401,67439,00030,1079106,106521,397
ELKTON COMMUNITY LIBRARYBROOKINGS738$15,1529881623,27614,6631,0921,872631,341
EMIL M LARSON LIBRARYCLARK1,068$25,2251,3053,6972,7352,468-11,85220103
EMMA BURNHAM PUBLIC LIBRARYBROWN250$14,1298322601,17239039437000
FAITH PUBLIC LIBRARYMEADE27,202$48,6802,25662912,0007,8652,0006,5003046,020
FAULK COUNTY LIBRARYFAULK2,386$70,0972,0282,36413,78016,8894,7842,54833695
FREEMAN PUBLIC LIBRARYHUTCHINSON1,271$96,8042,7083,09619,76030,5172129,77048710
GARY PUBLIC LIBRARYDEUEL231$7,3666242301,7201,96759190104330
GRACE BALLOCH MEMORIAL LIBRARYLAWRENCE24,910$385,0283,1987,825117,380139,5038,84039,2631903,695
GRANT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARYGRANT7,281$272,2073,8484,76950,29170,7808,39430,368963,872
GREGORY PUBLIC LIBRARYGREGORY1,284$52,1891,3738968,21414,1701,9403,401601,018
HAAKON COMMUNITY PUBLIC LIBRARYHAAKON1,894$26,1821,5605964,0974,3144272,08635501
HAMLIN-CODINGTON REGIONAL LIBRARYCODINGTON11,648$104,7372,2601,66621,12216,860208000
HAND COUNTY LIBRARYHAND3,391$89,0041,6641,02010,68719,2961,0893,84828741
HANSON COMMUNITY LIBRARYHANSON2,200$24,4955205003,72024,4952064232761
HANSON-MCCOOK REGIONAL LIBRARYMCCOOK8,987$75,3841,0408,94912,53236,13420852110
HARRISBURG COMMUNITY LIBRARYLINCOLN4,950$72,4562,0807174,30219,5092752511252,185
HAZEL L MEYER MEMORIAL LIBRARYKINGSBURY1,110$60,7161,1221,0463,64035,6081,6252,11122675
HILL CITY PUBLIC LIBRARYPENNINGTON105,761$79,5522,5482,27540,04016,5585,12524,3541042,553
HOT SPRINGS PUBLIC LIBRARYFALL RIVER3,570$225,3542,1065,72258,25677,6151,06422,7941871,811
HOWARD PUBLIC LIBRARYMINER824$31,9251,2229754,1015,634184,82815125
HUDSON PUBLIC LIBRARYLINCOLN308$19,1207502501,2801,7697213441295
HURLEY PUBLIC LIBRARYTURNER408$14,1031,0404501,2401,9840000
HURON PUBLIC LIBRARYBEADLE12,867$603,4313,1207,74294,011110,1081,04012,76017511,157
HYDE COUNTY LIBRARYHYDE1,391$48,5191,3009093,6409,2692,34078014248
IRENE SCHOOL/COMMUNITY LIBRARYTURNER2,247$31,2641,66441811,7132,0652,5287481321,389
JACKSON COUNTY LIBRARYJACKSON3,216$61,0052,8643,1918,4756,3501,7152,85046587
KATHRYN SCHULKOSKI PUBLIC LIBRARYMCPHERSON883$14,5995205842,2975,2871514432157
KENNEBEC PUBLIC LIBRARYLYMAN240$15,6887802003,1205,9201,2402101058
KEYSTONE TOWN LIBRARYPENNINGTON105,761$59,0981,5607687,2002,5591,3004,2132112,368
KIMBALL PUBLIC LIBRARYBRULE707$23,2601,3522891,4326,3131048810303
LAKE ANDES CARNEGIE LIBRARYCHARLES MIX828$21,9681,3566147,6424,0041509,500195
LANGFORD PUBLIC LIBRARYMARSHALL315$12,6527803151,6381,19110427228526
LEMMON PUBLIC LIBRARYPERKINS1,245$40,0541,6642399,02618,87851288411118
LENNOX COMMUNITY LIBRARYLINCOLN2,201$80,3192,0541,59037,70027,38016,100547351,143
LEOLA PUBLIC LIBRARYMCPHERSON451$13,3281,0141312,3083,2961333,1508136
M. P. BEEBE MEMORIAL LIBRARYEDMUNDS954$27,2291,0403861,9521,95203,833655
MADISON PUBLIC LIBRARYLAKE6,809$468,9143,0166,02139,20888,2522,29213,2093033,819
MCLAUGHLIN PUBLIC LIBRARYCORSON667$30,8251,300281,0401,546208000
MIDLAND COMMUNITY LIBRARYHAAKON129$10,0183121056501,853240405105
MITCHELL PUBLIC LIBRARYDAVISON15,484$657,3662,8358,6647,928126,76412,28348,7362313,257
MOODY COUNTY RESOURCE CENTERMOODY6,404$120,2983,3286,44621,33523,2322,1297,592761,221
NEWELL PUBLIC LIBRARYBUTTE604$25,6439627793,5854,182502,169126
NORTH SIOUX CITY COMMUNITY LIBRARYUNION2,546$111,8982,0801,69210,35031,5145,3262,6381741,965
NORTHWEST REGIONAL LIBRARYHARDING1,262$45,5201,0105041,9253,057401,01212108
OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGESHANNON18,834$428,00029,0008,10022,6212,0097,40037,0004067,080
PARKER PUBLIC LIBRARYTURNER1,014$51,8681,71670013,50515,0483,1221,82519402
PARKSTON PUBLIC LIBRARYHUTCHINSON1,482$73,6992,1847689,08015,5063,0006,8005112
PHOEBE APERSON HEARST FREE LIBRARYLAWRENCE24,910$180,8502,4442,71329,34137,3075,86917,6961874,601
PIEDMONT VALLEY LIBRARYMEADE27,202$29,7001,9381,1278,35111,1822041,2501061,602
PLANKINTON CITY LIBRARYAURORA719$10,8975207191,5601,85613135480
PLATTE PUBLIC LIBRARYCHARLES MIX1,241$20,7471,3002,1006,10014,6792603,14025503
POTTER COUNTY FREE LIBRARYPOTTER2,394$111,3302,1321,2859,80033,9435,6003,780582,645
PRESHO PUBLIC LIBRARYLYMAN502$13,0551,0145022,025673151,0678414
R E RAWLINS MUNICIPAL LIBRARYHUGHES16,025$727,2203,58813,380155,698140,69317,15885,6222566,724
RAPID CITY PUBLIC LIBRARIESPENNINGTON105,761$3,210,5408,72348,581517,5881,581,47174,569259,85233719,058
REDFIELD CARNEGIE LIBRARYSPINK2,392$91,7001,9242,43621,14823,9922,3261,480721,101
REVEREND MARTIN BIEBER PUBLIC LIBEDMUNDS494$19,3201,5085021,0083,0566823988128
SCOTLAND COMMUNITY LIBRARYBON HOMME2,245$47,4162,20085431,06314,1022801,723761,516
SELBY COMMUNITY/SCHOOL LIBRARYWALWORTH1,900$45,6202,7006357,44012,389150750972
SHERWOOD MEMORIAL LIBRARYSPINK188$7,76052520036531028362110
SINTE GLESKA UNIVERSITY LIBRARYTODD12,763$225,8253,4003,70129,9501,7751,45020,90435176
SIOUXLAND LIBRARIESMINNEHAHA196,397$6,758,32324,298100,3921,240,3842,209,6870242,2132,13256,337
SISSETON MEMORIAL LIBRARYROBERTS2,497$134,8882,3921,0847,3108,1432,1702,897721,046
SISSETON WAHPETON COMMUNITY COLLEGEROBERTS9,894$54,9592,0801632,6005741,3012,6014120
STURGIS PUBLIC LIBRARYMEADE27,202$359,1583,3007,50792,69355,9116,05431,3742514,198
SULLY AREA LIBRARYSULLY1,437$56,0722,43258512,98814,36840015634160
TEA AREA MS/HS/COMMUNITY LIBRARYLINCOLN4,300$72,1002,2361,9784,00015,8496,000043885
TRIPP COUNTY LIBRARY - GROSSENBURG MEMORIALTRIPP5,498$109,1532,3683,18519,64942,78212,4807,9891104,079
TRIPP PUBLIC LIBRARYHUTCHINSON630$4,9684162515,8244,0894682737159
TYNDALL PUBLIC LIBRARYBON HOMME1,057$29,6098841,0672,5005,42060859136
VIBORG PUBLIC LIBRARYTURNER775$50,2931,4507828,12020,7041,8443,74426620
WAGE MEMORIAL LIBRARYBROWN1,483$3,3702,3401,4008001,969024300
WAGNER PUBLIC LIBRARYCHARLES MIX1,573$77,1422,0802,5255,9806,3462,6004,914183850
WAKONDA PUBLIC LIBRARYCLAY2,247$17,8331,6905723,9008,632193922550
WALL COMMUNITY LIBRARYPENNINGTON105,761$25,0769703953,2483,67866871368841
WATERTOWN REGIONAL LIBRARYCODINGTON21,803$859,6353,4329,156142,156221,0723,20014,8823115,146
WAUBAY PUBLIC LIBRARYDAY576$25,4911,7685764,1232,8544901,315315
WEBSTER PUBLIC LIBRARYDAY1,851$72,5501,5601,0099,36011,0991,5603,6904154
WESSINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARYBEADLE174$5,91741617093674615630847
WESSINGTON SPRINGS CARNEGIE LIBRARYJERAULD946$47,3411,1469703,2309,90470080023197
WHITE LAKE COMMUNITY LIBRARYAURORA375$10,7181,6643721,7859781562,21920259
WHITEWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARYLAWRENCE24,910$64,4621,6646428,6004,5341,9985,90130312
WILMOT PUBLIC LIBRARYROBERTS499$10,5447284952,0805,896034877
WOONSOCKET COMMUNITY LIBRARYSANBORN1,221$30,1001,6001,2215,10017,435258504245
YANKTON COMMUNITY LIBRARYYANKTON14,538$681,2363,2526,867159,268278,67210,50042,0145729,111
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County -- The county in which the administrative entity is located.
Total Population Chartered OR Contracted to serve most recent -- This element is prefilled based on most current Census population estimates for your legal service area. If you believe this data to be incorrect, contact State Library Data Coordinator, 605-773-3131. Definition: The number of people in the geographic area for which a public library has been established to offer services and from which (or on behalf of which) the library derives revenue, plus any areas served under contract for which the library is the primary service provider. Populations that are served without a formal contract or with little or no fiscal support are reported in A17, not here. Contact your State Library liaison for assistance with this question.
Total Operating Income -- Auto-summed. D17 (total operating income) and E09 (total operating expenditures) should be nearly the same number. If not, you must provide a note explaining how much was carried over or forfeited if your budget was zeroed out at the end of the fiscal year.
Annual Public Service Hours/Year (ALL outlets) -- Public Service Hours/Year (Average weekly hours X 52 weeks). This is the total annual public service hours for all outlets combined. Report the sum of all public service hours for all library facilities (including bookmobiles), for the entire year. For bookmobiles, report only the hours in which the bookmobile is open to the public. Do not include hours for deposit collections or similar service outlets or administrative hours when the library is not open to the public.
Registered Users -- Total Number of Registered Users. A registered user is a library user whom has applied for and received an identification number or card from the public library that establishes the conditions under which the user may borrow materials. Do not report this figure unless the library has purged its file at least once within the last three years. If the library does not have a user’s registry, report the total service population. (see A16). If the library has household registration rather than or in addition to individual registration, the library should report individuals by multiplying the number of households registered by the average number of persons in each household in the state.
Annual Total Attendance in Library -- Total Attendance in Library Report the total number of persons per year entering the library including persons attending activities, meetings, and those persons requiring no staff services. It is recommended that libraries use the method described in Output Measures for Public Libraries 2nd ed. (ALA 1987). Note: Each patron is counted every time they come to the library for any reason. (If you do NOT have an electronic counter, count attendance for two typical weeks and multiply the number count by 26 OR count exact attendance for one week and multiply by 52.)
Total Circulation -- Auto-summed. Circulation Transactions. The act of lending an item from the library collection for use generally (although not always) outside the library. This activity includes charging, either manually or electronically, and also renewals, each of which is reported as a circulation transaction. Do not report in-house use of library materials. Circulation of items borrowed on interlibrary loan is counted and included here. Large Print circuit books are included here. Total annual circulation of all library materials of all types, including renewals. Note: Count all materials in all formats that are charged out for use outside the library. Interlibrary loan transactions included are only items borrowed for users. Do not include items checked out to another library.
Annual Total Reference Transactions Completed -- "Reference Transactions are information consultations in which library staff recommend, interpret, evaluate, and/or use information resources to help others to meet particular information needs. A reference transaction includes information and referral service as well as unscheduled individual instruction and assistance in using information sources (including web sites and computer-assisted instruction).Count Readers Advisory questions as reference transactions. Information sources include (a) printed and non-printed material; (b) machine-readable databases (including computer-assisted instruction); (c) the library's own catalogs and other holdings records; (d) other libraries and institutions through communication or referral; and (e) persons both inside and outside the library. When a staff member uses information gained from previous use of information sources to answer a question, the transaction is reported as a reference transaction even if the source is not consulted again. If a contact includes both reference and directional services, it should be reported as one reference transaction. Duration should not be an element in determining whether a transaction is a reference transaction. NOTE: It is essential that libraries do not include directional transactions in the report of reference transactions. Directional transactions include giving instruction for locating staff, library users, or physical features within the library. Examples of directional transactions include, “Where is the reference librarian? Where is Susan Smith? Where is the rest room? Where are the 600s? Can you help me make a photocopy?” If an annual count of reference transactions is unavailable, count reference transactions during a typical week or weeks, and multiply the count to represent an annual estimate. [If the sample is done four times a year, multiply totals by 13, if done twice a year multiply by 26, if done only annually, multiply by 52.] A ""typical week"" is a time that is neither unusually busy nor unusually slow. Avoid holiday times, vacation periods for key staff, or days when unusual events are taking place in the community or in the library. Choose a week in which the library is open its regular hours."
Annual Number of Public Access/Internet USES/sessions (per 30-minute sessions) -- Number of Users of Public Internet Computers. Report per year. Report the total number of half-hour sessions (30 minutes or less) Internet computers uses in the library during the last year. If the computer is used for multiple purposes (Internet access, word-processing, OPAC, etc.) and Internet users cannot be isolated, report all usage. Sign-up forms or web-log tracking software also may provide a reliable count of uses. While an accurate count is preferred over a guesstimate, a statistically accurate guess can be obtained by conducting a “count” during a typical two week period. Multiply this number by 26. Numbers submitted CANNOT be exactly the same year after year. NOTE: The number of users may be counted manually, using registration logs. Count each use. If a patron uses the computer for 75 minutes that would be recorded as “three (3) uses.”
Total Library Programs -- Auto-summed.
Total Program Attendance -- Auto-summed.
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