Career Opportunities

Posted below are job descriptions for our currently open opportunities. Please email us at with your resume and cover letter. If you are not qualified for any of our posted opportunities feel free to email us your cover letter and resume with a brief description of the type of position you would be most qualified for and we will keep it in consideration for future opportunities.

Front-End Web Application Developer

Expertise in front-end (FE) Javascript (JS) Web Application development as well as HTML5 and CSS3. Examples of similar development experience is a requirement.

Our Apps primarily involve support for forms data capture and real-time data representation/visualization.

FE Apps typically would access data needed for the representations (forms data, graphs, charts, tables) in JSON format, via web services (WS) calls (i.e., AJAX).

Some of the core data and structure will be provided but the details of new WS calls will be created with/by the FE and BE developers appropriate to ensure high data integrity and performance.

Since all data is attributed to a particular organization/location, which may include hierarchical scope of access and may differ depending on the "portal" through which the data is "owned", the means by which customers can access their data (and their data only) is managed on the server side. The FE developer will be provided with examples of how this is managed via an app.

Example use cases and key ratios will be provided as guidelines, but the code is ultimately expected to be agnostic to the application -- ultimately passing metadata to ensure that appropriate representations can be generated using data from any application.

Success is measured based on usability and performance of apps, quality of the code and appropriateness to purpose (extensible, generalizable, work across all platforms, pass user acceptance testing including accessibility requirements).

For Data Capture, we have established processes and code for handling Forms and Field definitions, real-time and submit-time validation (including configurable edit checks), and real-time and submit-time processing (e.g., totals, key ratios, etc.) This code will continue to be used/enhanced by the FE programmer.

For Data Representation, functionality should include:

  • filter/sort based on defined data elements (metadata tagged)
  • visualization type selection
  • interactive visualization features (e.g., drill-downs, time-series charts, synchronized charts/graphs)
  • ability to mix-and-match visualizations (i.e., create a custom dashboard)
  • ability to download/re-purpose visualizations and related data (e.g., excel download, custom url with PKEY for a visualization, custom URL with a PKEY for merging data with a 3rd-party provided document - PDF form, Word Doc, etc.)
  • ability to save/recall any visualization state

Back-End Web Application Developer

Expertise in back-end (BE) HTML/PHP/MySQL application development. Examples of similar development experience is a requirement.

Our Apps primarily involve support for forms data capture and real-time data representation/visualization.

The BE developer is responsible for processing incoming (captured) data and generating outputs, increasingly done via Web Services (WS), but also supporting traditional request/response web architecture.

The BE developer must be very comfortable working with and optimizing SQL and PHP and equally comfortable optimizing HTML/JS/CSS, since a lot of our core code involves dynamic generation of web pages, as much as handling delivery of requested data from AJAX calls via delivery of JSON data structures.

Preference is for individuals that can demonstrate their ability to work productively in a diversity of settings, including independently and in work teams. From your virtual office, you will be expected to engage others on the team as required and keep them informed about new concepts, ideas and opportunities, when not fully engaged in priority development projects.