Our Partners

In partnership with the Public Library Association (PLA), Counting Opinions manages the annual PLDS data capture and the online PLAmetrics subscription service for Public Libraries across North America.

In partnership with the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Counting Opinions manages the annual ACRL "Trends and Statistics" data survey and the online ACRLMetrics subscription service for Academic Libraries across North America and globally.

In California, Counting Opinions is a recognized Califa vendor. The Califa Library Group is the largest public library network in the State.

In Canada, Counting Opinions' services are distributed by The OLA Store (a joint venture of "The Partnership" - a collaborative service for library association members across Canada).

Counting Opinions works with Lyrasis to provide Counting Opinions' subscribers with administrative options.

Authorized Consultants

Counting Opinions works closely with consultants who specialize in library operations and management. This includes Strategic Planning, Customer Satisfaction, Staff Development, Operational Planning and Implementation, and other management issues. Working with an Authorized Consultant, you are assured that you will derive optimal benefits from the insights available in conjunction with the Counting Opinions solutions and data. Contact us for details.

We Participate

Carbonfund.org supports three types of carbon offset projects; each type plays an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects they support are third-party certified to meet the same high standards that thousands of companies, organizations, and governments rely on to ensure quality environmental protection. Counting Opinions has partnered with Carbonfund for over 5 years in an effort to reduce the threat of climate change for our and future generations.

Carbon Fund Partner