Location  (7) 1.2 Municipality 1.8 Population of the Legal Service Area 2.5 ALA-MLS Librarians 2.6 Total Librarians (Include 2.5) 2.7 All Other Paid Employees 2.8 Total Paid Employees 2.10 All Volunteer Library
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AUBURN PUBLIC LIBRARYAuburn25,4572.806.608.6015.201No
BANGOR PUBLIC LIBRARYBangor32,3917.0012.0014.0026.001No
CURTIS MEMORIAL LIBRARYBrunswick25,36710.0010.0011.0021.001No
LEWISTON PUBLIC LIBRARYLewiston36,2024.004.0016.7520.751No
NORTH GORHAM PUBLIC LIBRARYGorham27,3200.000.380.050.431No
PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARYPortland66,88113.6618.4634.8053.261No
SOUTH PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARYSouth Portland25,4323.005.007.0012.001No