Location  (34) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.3e What type of internet connection does your library have? - Satellite 8.4 Number of Computers with Internet access which are used by Staff Only 8.5 Number of Computers with Internet access used by General Public 8.6 Number of uses of electronic resources of Public Computers with Internet access per year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information
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AUDREY PACK MEMORIAL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable3114,2221No7,3570
BEAN STATION PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL3154,7991No2,4160
BURRITT MEMORIAL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAtrium0Fiber289741No15018
CARYVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable352,7811No8140
CLAY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0Fiber0Satellite31912,3971No19,8290
DECATUR COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0DSL592,0901No1,391302
EAST POLK PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesLibrary World0DSL2183,0101No3,7550
ETOWAH CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics VERSO0DSL3102,6831No5,13148
FRED A. VAUGHT MEMORIAL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAgent Verso0Fiber382,1111No3780
HALLS PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990Yesverso0Cable243,3721No7,2280
HANCOCK COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesCONCOURSE0Fiber3253,9051No20,3353
HOUSTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0Fiber5252,9821No2,7631,010
IRVING MEEK JR., PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0Cable381,3571No2,7970
JACKSBORO PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Fiber41029,3851No0
JELLICO PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL2199,1211No3,0180
LUTTRELL PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics VERSO0Cable4136,1191No2,0890
MAYNARDVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesSurpass0Cable4218,1801No3,12368
MCKENZIE MEMORIAL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0Cable361,1711No2,2230
MOORE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAutographics/Verso0Cable7162,9811No4,6880
MT. CARMEL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesConcourse by Book Systems0DSL2112,0561No1,4433,499
NEWBERN CITY LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0Fiber3135,5241No1,0540
NORRIS COMMUNITY LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable471,7031No1,4391
ORENA HUMPHREYS PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0DSL3126,2241No6,9000
PARROTT-WOOD MEMORIAL LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable3284,5551No1,080100
PERRY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVERSO from Auto-graphics in California0DSL42825,6631No18,5140
PICKETT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVerso0DSL484,1201No3,6003,600
PIGEON FORGE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesBook Systems Atriuum0Cable91415,9201No3,456282
ROCKY TOP PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable61510,2891No4,1120
RUTLEDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL144811No2,1140
TIPTONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVERSO0Cable286221No2,3310
TOWN OF SIGNAL MOUNTAIN LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesAtriuum0Cable537010YesEast Ridge City Library00
VONORE PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesVERSO0DSL372,4711No1,122
WESTMORELAND PUBLIC LIBRARY1Level II: 5,000-9,9990YesTLC0Fiber5134,3840YesSumner and Robertson counties2,845234
Tennessee State Library and Archives 2,6985,9694,191,041 4,509,3404,196,307
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