Location  (55) Population Level 5.1 Interlibrary loans as borrower: actual items received from other libraries and from Tennessee Resource Center 5.2 Interlibrary loans as lender: actual items provided to other libraries 5.3 Does your library have reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries? 5.4 If yes, which libraries? 6.1 Total number of square feet in library facility 6.2 Total number of bookmobiles
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Arlington Sam T. Wilson Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9992,8791,6180YesGermantown Community Library and Millington Public Library3,1820
BEENE-PEARSON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993696321No5,4800
BENTON COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991803351No19,8880
BLEDSOE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991,9091491No2,5000
BOLIVAR HARDEMAN COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993821491NoAll Libraries11,4000
C. E. WELDON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9994944211No12,3150
CANNON COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM2Level III: 10,000-24,9992682961No10,3270
CARROLL COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991,056701No5,2910
CHARLES RALPH HOLLAND MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993641431No2,1000
CHESTER COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996762281NoAll Tennessee Libraries, Inter-Library Loan4,9950
Collegedale Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9991,2184401No8,0000
CROCKETT MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991293041No4,2000
DANDRIDGE MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996376490YesThe other three libraries in our county.3,8000
EAST RIDGE CITY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999-1-11No4,9000
ELMA ROSS PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999372750YesTLC libraries8,2000
FENTRESS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993221721No8,1250
GIBSON COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996222301No5,2000
HARRIMAN PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,99994791No4,2000
HICKMAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992181,0751No12,0000
HUMBOLDT PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996224971No8,2550
HUMPHREYS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992802641NoTennessee10,0790
JACK MCCONNICO MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992061801No8,4250
JASPER PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9994435831No5,2340
JEFFERSON CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9997874151No15,5830
JOHNSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993,5084,2511No5,8810
JUSTIN POTTER LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996373461No9,9340
KINGSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9994063461No6,2000
LAFOLLETTE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999331961No4,7630
LAUDERDALE COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991921661No9,6000
LENOIR CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992152231No2,1500
LEWIS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991543091No4,7200
LOUDON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9994756581No4,0000
MACON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999468621No9,3620
MADISONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991741401No6,1270
MEIGS-DECATUR PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992372300YesTLC Libraries3,5000
MILDRED G. FIELDS MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993184811No6,6530
Millard Oakley Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9992461061No10,0000
Millington Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9999171,6580YesSam T Wilson Library and Germantown Community Library10,0000
NED R. MCWHERTER WEAKLEY COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992602731No7,2210
ONEIDA PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,99947871No2,7950
PUBLIC LIBRARY AT TELLICO VILLAGE2Level III: 10,000-24,9993001801No6,4000
ROCKWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999771671No6,2000
SEQUATCHIE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,99977951No6,7500
SMITH COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999351491No6,2520
SOUTH CHEATHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9992604680YesNashville Public Library2,6000
STEWART COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996352631No7,0300
SWEETWATER PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9993081241No8,4000
UNICOI COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991,1923,1151No6,9170
WARTBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999991770YesMorgan County libraries2,1000
WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9996822571No7,0000
WEST POLK PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,999144710YesEast Polk Public Library3,7930
WHITE HOUSE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9997014420Yes

Nashville Public Library, Rutherford County Library System, Cheatham County, South Cheatham County, Stokes Brown Library, Wilson County Library, Williamson County Library Systems, Gallatin Public Library, Hendersonville Public Library, Millersville Public ...

WHITE PINE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991852430YesJefferson City Public Library, Dandridge Memorial Library, Parrott-Wood Memorial Library2,4800
Tennessee State Library and Archives 143,166132,135 3,480,0233
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