Location  (28) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.3f What type of internet connection does your library have? T-1, T-2 or T-3 8.3g What type of internet connection does your library have? - Other 8.4 Internet Computers Used by Staff Only 8.5 Internet Computers Used by General Public 8.6 Uses of Public Internet Computers Per Year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information 8.10 Website Visits (Enter -1 if you have a website but can't report. Check Not Available if you don't have a website)
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CLEVELAND - CLEVELAND BRADLEY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesBookSys Atriuum0Cable0Other389251,2261NoTenn-Share92,93963,138-1
MARYVILLE - BLOUNT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtriuum by Book Systems0T-1, T-2 or T-384116592,4271No120,806200,338118,902
Chattanooga - CHATTANOOGA PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesInnovative Polaris0Fiber9014670,2101No38,300152,515664,220
CLARKSVILLE - CLARKSVILLE MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable555641,3661No30,94058,585302,635
DICKSON - DICKSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable122312,1711No7,70223441,741
HENDERSONVILLE - HENDERSONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable28407,6770Yes10,0821,72798,682
SPRINGFIELD - STOKES BROWN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable244412,7830YesSumner and White House27,2122,47527,403
SEVIERVILLE - SEVIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL0Fiber3012052,2041No91,64612,23919,400
COLUMBIA - MAURY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtriuum0Cable102620,0001No15,600-1-1
FRANKLIN - WILLIAMSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesKoha0Cable0Fiber10713824,0371No36,25967,135-1
SPRING HILL - SPRING HILL PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC LS20Cable0T-1, T-2 or T-313159,2871No-16,618-1
COOKEVILLE - PUTNAM COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Fiber276720,2850YesTenn-Share0115-1
CROSSVILLE - ART CIRCLE PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtriuum0Cable273213,7271No23,4822,518-1
JACKSON - JACKSON-MADISON COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesPolaris0Fiber226831,2281No27,14014,852-1
BLOUNTVILLE - SULLIVAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony0Cable0Fiber15644,9270YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries2,9998,44716,977
ELIZABETHTON - ELIZABETHTON/CARTER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony0Cable0Fiber131311,9280YesOWL: Johnson City; Washington County; Kingsport; Sullivan County; Bristol; Mosheim; Unicoi; Mountain City; Johnson County7,8380-1
GREENEVILLE - GREENEVILLE-GREENE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi Dynix0Cable12126,8000YesOther libraries in the Holston River Region8,20022,00011,339
JOHNSON CITY - JOHNSON CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesWorkFlows0Fiber435233,3410YesOther OWL members, part of Holston region 17,59221,548128,269
JONESBOROUGH - WASHINGTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY - TN4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi0Cable15267,7660YesOWL6,8502,496170,918
KINGSPORT - KINGSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi Dynix Symphony0Fiber332510,5950YesOWL6,12619,643303,054
MORRISTOWN - MORRISTOWN-HAMBLEN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesApollo Biblionix0Fiber21257,3031No19,5074,4010
ROGERSVILLE - HAWKINS COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesBook Systems Atriuum0Cable0Fiber162520,5521No10,17507,078
KNOXVILLE - KNOX COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony0Other219266125,7821No488,7041,131,1708,238,383
MEMPHIS - Memphis Public Library & Information Center4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony 3.6.10T-1, T-2 or T-3200542426,1311No-1423,766740,434
LEBANON - LEBANON-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC - The Library Corporation0Cable233013,2161No5,6700-1
MT. JULIET - MT. JULIET-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesThe Library Corporation (TLC)0Cable14106,5091NoTennShare3,3260-1
MURFREESBORO - RUTHERFORD COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSIRSI Symphony0DSL0Cable0Fiber5211571,6471No243,928521,606224,790
NASHVILLE - Nashville Public Library4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC-CarlX0Fiber530971334,6181No754,030705,6445,221,103
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