Location  (41) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.3f What type of internet connection does your library have? T-1, T-2 or T-3 8.3g What type of internet connection does your library have? - Other 8.4 Number of Computers with Internet access which are used by Staff Only 8.5 Number of Computers with Internet access used by General Public 8.6 Number of uses of electronic resources of Public Computers with Internet access per year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information
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ALTAMONT PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO0DSL181,3141No1,08718
ANNA PORTER PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesApollo by Biblionix0Cable13184,3171No3,600784
ARDMORE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO31211,4681No113
BEERSHEBA SPRINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesAuto-Graphics0DSL143901No4,1420
BLAINE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Fiber141,0071No1,2666
BRICEVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable351,5471No3,1360
CALHOUN PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesLibrary World 0DSL361,4591No6580
COALFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesMandarin0DSL299971No5335
COALMONT PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso255741No1,8300
COSBY COMMUNITY LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0Cable123061No1,3920
DEER LODGE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Fiber021171No1421
DR. NATHAN PORTER LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0Cable3172,8920YesTenn Share6,568192
ENGLEWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0DSL165041No2,58611
GLEASON MEMORIAL LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO241,4230YesTenn-Share1,788135
GRAND JUNCTION PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO0Cable372,7901No5,37342
GRAYSVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesLibrary World0Fiber243,6801No1770
GREENBACK PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990Yes VERSO0Cable237200YesVerso2920
HAMILTON PARKS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO232500YesTenn Share2,000200
HUNTSVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Fiber1121,7011No46268
LEE OLA ROBERTS LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0Cable4114,3801No6,27912
MARIE ELLISON MEMORIAL LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso 40T-1, T-2 or T-3248211No9,7715
MAY JUSTUS MEMORIAL LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0DSL4124,9391No6,0580
MIDDLETON COMMUNITY LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesAGent VERSO0Cable3166,2041No8,143108
MINOR HILL PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No0DSL132091No0
MOSHEIM PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesSirsiDynix0DSL392,9740YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries 1,25873
NIOTA PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesLibrary World0DSL262,0141No3,44045
OAKDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Cable134601No00
OLIVER SPRINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO0Cable148511No890
PALMER PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO0DSL146151No4040
PARSONS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO0Cable4245,5211No5,8821,477
PETROS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Fiber141,1191No7,21910
PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Cable149451No99610
RIDGELY PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVERSO241,8470YesTenn-Share5,000180
SHARON PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0Cable172,4280YesTENN-SHARE12,427159
SUNBRIGHT PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Other181291No33251
TELLICO PLAINS PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0DSL3103,3581No3,573135
TRACY CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesVerso0DSL131,6741No1527
WASHBURN PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL231,1741No5,9752
WINFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY0Level I: 0-4,9991No-10Fiber141,0711No5830
Tennessee State Library and Archives 2,6885,6994,515,385 2,836,3411,609,749
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