Location  (55) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.4 Internet Computers Used by Staff Only 8.5 Internet Computers Used by General Public 8.6 Uses of Public Internet Computers Per Year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information 8.10 Website Visits (Enter -1 if you have a website but can't report. Check Not Available if you don't have a website)
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ARLINGTON - Arlington Sam T. Wilson Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesPolaris571,0890YesWolf River Library Consortium811-13,825
BENTON - WEST POLK PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesLibrary World0DSL2192,7041No10,8000-1
DECATUR - MEIGS-DECATUR PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable242,9980YesVerso5,14736-1
HARRIMAN - HARRIMAN PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990Yesvirso auto graphics0Cable51116,8551No9,8630-1
KINGSTON - KINGSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable5162,0331No1,1180-1
LENOIR CITY - LENOIR CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991No0Cable141,3291No2250-1
LOUDON - PUBLIC LIBRARY AT TELLICO VILLAGE2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics (VERSO)0DSL5156711No4690-1
LOUDON - LOUDON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable4112,3691No1,3220-1
MADISONVILLE - MADISONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto Graphics VERSO0Cable11103,6581No9,7220-1
ROCKWOOD - ROCKWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable5245,8971No1,7700-1
SWEETWATER - SWEETWATER PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso Integrated Library System (ILS)0Cable7212,5521No1,41279485,441
DOVER - STEWART COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber8283,5171No8,6361,7263,430
KINGSTON SPRINGS - SOUTH CHEATHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable491,8291No2,00015,180
MILLERSVILLE - MILLERSVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesLS 20Cable9222,7000YesSumner County Libraries4,8852,3173,811
WAVERLY - HUMPHREYS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber7263,4921No4,2391,9585,639
WHITE HOUSE - WHITE HOUSE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesThe Library Corporation0DSL20334,2670YesSumner County Libraries and Stokes Brown Public Library6,8811,52216,997
DANDRIDGE - DANDRIDGE MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Fiber4141,8761No1,5555192
JEFFERSON CITY - JEFFERSON CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable73014,7381No2,55600
LAFOLLETTE - LAFOLLETTE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso3113,6871No2,1510-1
ONEIDA - ONEIDA PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9991No-10Fiber152,5131No2,2050-1
WARTBURG - WARTBURG PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesBook Systems Atruuim0Fiber295,1661No7,8750762
WHITE PINE - WHITE PINE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL481,6431No1,1420458
COLLEGEDALE - COLLEGEDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesPolaris0Fiber11164,8340YesTenn-Share17,3795,868203,890
CENTERVILLE - HICKMAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtrium0Fiber102210,3601No14,10312,36182,270
HOHENWALD - LEWIS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY & ARCHIVES2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAgent Verso0Cable5235,7971No10,28168-1
WAYNESBORO - WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL0Fiber7246,1211No27,2830-1
CARTHAGE - SMITH COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtriumm0Fiber7152,3091No50012,2231
DUNLAP - SEQUATCHIE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber8181,2711No6,3810-1
GAINESBORO - CHARLES RALPH HOLLAND MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto Graphics0Fiber241,8671No25,2670-1
JAMESTOWN - FENTRESS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber5247,7781No7,2670-1
LAFAYETTE - MACON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtriuum0Fiber6314,5221No7,68813311,239
LIVINGSTON - Millard Oakley Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable73310,4621No29,8430-1
PIKEVILLE - BLEDSOE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtriuum0Fiber462,6961No5600-1
SMITHVILLE - JUSTIN POTTER LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtriuum0Fiber10305,0751No5,0680-1
EAST RIDGE - EAST RIDGE CITY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAtriuum Book Systems0Cable462,6660YesSignal Mountain Library (ebooks only)1,9680-1
BOLIVAR - BOLIVAR HARDEMAN COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable6205,3911No34,42448-1
BROWNSVILLE - ELMA ROSS PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAgent Verso0Cable4187,9731No37,0991-1
HENDERSON - CHESTER COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable3154,0881No6,3620-1
RIPLEY - LAUDERDALE COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable5323,0521No1,08760-1
SELMER - JACK MCCONNICO MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso Autographic0Cable4141,8651No3,712652,400
ERWIN - UNICOI COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesSirsiDynix WorkFlows0Fiber5162,9360YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries2,5700-1
MOUNTAIN CITY - JOHNSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesSirsi-Dynix0Cable3247,5840YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries (O.W.L)2,42648,08544,001
ALAMO - CROCKETT MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVERSO0Fiber6181,8781No13,7691,980-1
CAMDEN - BENTON COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVERSO0Cable11389,4101No17,135178-1
DRESDEN - NED R. MCWHERTER WEAKLEY COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-graphics-Verso0Fiber4191,8251No14,9870-1
HUMBOLDT - HUMBOLDT PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-graphics Verso0Fiber9208,1291No23,4502,0372,659
HUNTINGDON - CARROLL COUNTY LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVERSO0Cable5104,0881No15,7010-1
MARTIN - MARTIN PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAgent Verso0Fiber9265,6521No25,4300-1
MILAN - MILDRED G. FIELDS MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso by Auto-Graphics0Fiber11314,8861No12,41502,960
TRENTON - GIBSON COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAgent VERSO0Fiber11153,7181No9,2300-1
MILLINGTON - Millington Public Library2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesPolaris0Cable9202,9710YesWolf River Library Consortium4,86085639,757
HARTSVILLE - FRED A. VAUGHT MEMORIAL LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber3111,6651No2700-1
JASPER - CAROLYN STEWART PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Cable6103,8281No6,23012,620-1
SOUTH PITTSBURG - BEENE-PEARSON PUBLIC LIBRARY2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesVerso0Fiber373,1101No6,1014,710-1
WOODBURY - CANNON COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM2Level III: 10,000-24,9990YesAuto-graphics Verso0DSL6314,8361No3,6400-1
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