Location  (6) 1.2 Municipality 1.8 Population of the Legal Service Area 5.3 Total Print Materials 5.4 Electronic Books (E-Books) 8.2 Number of Uses (Sessions) of Public Internet Computers Per Year 6.11 Total Circulation of Materials (6.8 + 6.9)
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AUBURN PUBLIC LIBRARYAuburn25,50271,9417,62633,018244,557
BANGOR PUBLIC LIBRARYBangor32,568523,9207,51444,319324,523
CURTIS MEMORIAL LIBRARYBrunswick25,277119,2779,48968,190407,566
LEWISTON PUBLIC LIBRARYLewiston36,299146,7849,08240,088165,224
PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARYPortland66,666312,4218,61398,842882,278
SOUTH PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARYSouth Portland25,42472,93703,000257,913