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Bette Winner Public Library062114231,209
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library591331671514114,660
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library1,317
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne Library (Obsolete)1315589
Bibliothèque Ritchot Library995,051
Bibliothèque St. Claude Library588
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library3,659
Bibliothèque Somerset Library (Obsolete)117121132432
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library19617331,534
Bibliothèque Taché Library9,083
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives0
Border Regional Library1141548785,302
Boyne Regional Library835582773785,079
Bren Del Win Centennial Library172724591272,319
Brokenhead River Regional Library3225306,763
Churchill Public Library923
Emerson Public Library689
Eriksdale Public Library (Obsolete)11911
Evergreen Regional Library23752316228310,327
Flin Flon Public Library510718405,594
Glenwood & Souris Regional Library6727751152,412
Headingley Municipal Library222,726
Jake Epp Library1558176718634311,066
Jolys Regional Library2431921294,188
Lac Du Bonnet Regional Library210239882043,821
Lakeland Regional Library311830524,545
Leaf Rapids Public Library0
Lynn Lake Centennial Library714
Manitou Regional Library (Obsolete)171236562,430
Minnedosa Regional Library56713313,681
North Norfolk-MacGregor Regional Library42224281402183,663
North-West Regional Library36432971967,013
Parkland Regional Library1724432419691,47436,919
Pauline Johnson Library1,339
Peguis First Nation Public Library (Obsolete)2,513
Louise Public Library630
Pinawa Public Library22215211,450
Portage la Prairie Regional Library626112307519,521
Prairie Crocus Regional Library442,061
Rapid City Regional Library30134201,009
Gaynor Family Regional Library1059526240774330,580
Reston District Library103131,758
R.M. of Argyle Public Library1,073
Rossburn Regional Library (Obsolete)1,060
Russell & District Regional Library2,976
Snow Lake Community Library511622837
South Central Regional Library33261133445581,20932,481
South Interlake Regional Library87026312727014,556
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library1252751821862,112
Springfield Public Library12,990
Ste. Rose Regional Library (Obsolete)3313191,786
The Pas Regional Library7487982393998,042
Thompson Public Library81611011625013,446
UCN Norway House Public Library4,071
Valley Regional Library4,305
Victoria Municipal Library41334421,149
Western Manitoba Regional Library4118673921,2431,86951,300
Winnipeg Public Library1,0335,6223165,54715,50728,025633,451
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