Location  (29) Population Level 5.1 Interlibrary loans as borrower: actual items received from other libraries and from Tennessee Resource Center 5.2 Interlibrary loans as lender: actual items provided to other libraries 5.3 Does your library participate in the Tennessee Library Card (TLC) Program? 5.3 Does your library have reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries? 5.4 If yes, which libraries? 6.1 Total number of square feet in library facility 6.2 Total number of bookmobiles
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ART CIRCLE PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0007778270Yes1No33,2750
BLOUNT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0005583791No1No65,0000
CHATTANOOGA PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,00061541No1No139,6320
CLARKSVILLE MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0003865530Yes0YesAPSU, ETSU, UTK, TN Public Libraries74,0000
CLEVELAND BRADLEY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0001289420Yes0YesSquires Library @ Lee University47,0001
DICKSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0002732471No1No19,3600
ELIZABETHTON/CARTER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0005,6796,5871No1No13,0500
GREENEVILLE-GREENE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0002,3664,4511No0YesTusculum College12,3800
Hawkins County Library System4Level V: 50,000-900,0001,2266031No1No15,9000
HENDERSONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY4Level V: 50,000-900,0003455510Yes0YesGallatin public library, Millersville Public Library, Portland Public Library, Westmoreland Public Library,White House Public Library; Robertson County Public Library38,5000
JACKSON-MADISON COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0001,2269081No0YesAll ILL34,8500
JOHNSON CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,00021,8027,9331No1No42,6250
KINGSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0007,6116,7881No0YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries (OWL)41,4300
KNOX COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0004,2933,8061No1No297,6130
LEBANON-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0001681801No1No19,2820
MAURY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,00054190Yes1No24,0450
Memphis Public Library & Information Center4Level V: 50,000-900,0005302,9141No1No553,2180
MORRISTOWN-HAMBLEN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0006747221No1Noall libraries within the Holston River Regional System35,6070
MT. JULIET-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0003501811No0YesLebanon and Watertown Libraries23,7000
Nashville Public Library4Level V: 50,000-900,0007,4446,5681No1No552,5160
PUTNAM COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0003831591No1No27,0350
RUTHERFORD COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0005138961No1No54,0001
SEVIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0001,5829611No1No47,4870
SPRING HILL PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0004223680Yes1No17,0000
STOKES BROWN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0004353601No0YesSumner-Robertson County Libraries, TN Libraries (Tenn-Share/FireFly)32,4750
SULLIVAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0004,3816,5481No1No13,6280
WASHINGTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0006,2295,8101No0YesOWL12,1210
WILLIAMSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0001,1561,1430Yes1No62,4300
Tennessee State Library and Archives 126,456126,565 3,473,9633
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