Number of Total Paid Employees  trendFY 2007-2008FY 2008-2009FY 2009-2010FY 2010-2011FY 2011-2012FY 2012-2013FY 2013-2014FY 2014-2015FY 2015-2016FY 2016-2017Total
ZZZ Closed Adams-Pratt Oakland County Law Library  bar 555444443644
Addison Township Public Library  bar 5555781313141186
Adrian District Library  bar 14141413121110101111120
Aitkin Memorial District Library  bar 566676666660
Alanson Area Public Library  bar 111233444427
Albion District Library  bar 15151716161414141919159
Alcona County Library  bar 12121213131313131315129
Alden District Library  bar 566777777766
Allegan District Library  bar 10121312121313131415127
Allen Park Public Library  bar 242448
Allendale Township Library  bar 11121110991010109101
Alma Public Library  bar 777777777770
Almont District Library  bar 11111110109999998
Alpena County Library  bar 24262527262523242525250
Alvah N. Belding Memorial Library  bar 777777668668
Ann Arbor District Library  bar 2362262272112282192232132072332,223
Armada Free Public Library  bar 777788888876
Ashley District Library  bar 111112112213
Athens Community Library  bar 12231010777857
Auburn Hills Public Library  bar 27262424242329282832265
Augusta-Ross Township District Library  bar 323233434330
Bacon Memorial District Library  bar 17212122222221211919205
Bad Axe District Library  bar 6667791110101183
Baldwin Public Library  bar 66666856504651698983644
Barryton Public Library  bar 333344445437
Bay County Library System  bar 137381231181181131151221211251,130
Beaver Island District Library  bar 665567533551
Bellaire Public Library  bar 333333333330
Belleville Area District Library  bar 232425242424144
Bellevue Township Library  bar 221111111112
Benton Harbor Public Library  bar 17181818181616161614167
Benzie Shores District Library  bar 778888888878
Benzonia Public Library  bar 333555544542
Berkley Public Library  bar 20202020202022212117201
Berrien Springs Community Library  bar 16191914141413131312147
Bessemer Public Library  bar 333333334432
Betsie Valley District Library  bar 222222222220
Big Rapids Community Library  bar 12111014810991611110
Blair Memorial Library  bar 13141514131313131313134
Bloomfield Township Public Library  bar 11111210893969696879390982
Boyne District Library  bar 11111111111110101011107
Branch District Library  bar 30303030303331292939311
Brandon Township Public Library  bar 28272220212321191621218
Bridgeport Public Library  bar 666667677764
Bridgman Public Library  bar 14131212131314141414133
Briggs District Library  bar 12131211101010101011109
Brighton District Library  bar 66606262645859646357615
Brown City Public Library  bar 222222222220
Buchanan District Library  bar 12121212121111111013116
Bullard Sanford Memorial Library  bar 878887666670
Burlington Township Library  bar 423-18
Burr Oak Township Library  bar 652222223228
Cadillac-Wexford County Public Library  bar 23252529303232363437303
Calumet Public School Library  bar 244433444436
Camden Township Library  bar 544433333234
Canton Public Library  bar 10110510495847778979898937
Capital Area District Libraries  bar 2562562542522352292282212272222,380
Caro Area District Library  bar 13131514141516161614146
Carp Lake Township Library  bar 11211112313
Carson City Public Library  bar 666555566656
Cass District Library  bar 23232321212122222323222
Cedar Springs Public Library  bar 8967791099983
Center Line Public Library  bar 10101212101111131312114
Central Lake District Library  bar 555556558756
Charles A. Ransom District Library  bar 14141211111111101011115
Charlevoix Public Library  bar 16212019191920191919191
Charlotte Community Library  bar 19192020201918181717187
Chase Township Public Library  bar 111111111110
Cheboygan Area Public Library  bar 12131212121214141414129
Chelsea District Library  bar 25272424242424242526247
Chesterfield Township Library  bar 25252727273431363938309
Chippewa River District Library System  bar 40404041383643474040405
Clarkston Independence District Library  bar 44405346373936343547411
Clinton Township Public Library  bar 666777777767
Clinton-Macomb Public Library  bar 1101151151201251251251261261481,235
Coleman Area Library  bar 777777776668
Coloma Public Library  bar 878888777674
Colon Township Library  bar 787777777771
Columbia Township Library  bar 454333333435
Commerce Township Community Library  bar 15151818192126262323204
Community District Library  bar 10141414141313131211128
Comstock Township Library  bar 19191919191919161717183
Constantine Township Library  bar 566666667862
Coopersville Area District Library  bar 87101077777777
Crawford County Library  bar 13141515131317151515145
Cromaine District Library  bar 34343332313438383431339
Crooked Tree District Library  bar 444445556546
Croton Township Library  bar 544554431
Crystal Falls District Community Library  bar 666657778967
Curtis Township Library  bar 222222322221
Darcy Library of Beulah  bar 333334444334
Dearborn Heights City Libraries  bar 32323840383841414141382
Dearborn Public Library  bar 91939290878383808186866
Deckerville Public Library  bar 333333333431
Delta Township District Library  bar 13183535353535352727295
Delton District Library  bar 878999879983
ZZZ (Now a Branch of Superior D.L.) DeTour Area School and Public Library  bar 222223333123
Detroit Public Library  bar 4494534464163643323393323072883,726
DeWitt District Library  bar 22252824221815121716199
Dexter District Library  bar 23273334343435343535324
Dickinson County Library  bar 25262626232525232625250
Dorothy Hull Library - Windsor Township  bar 222222222220
Dorr Township Library  bar 688778877773
Dowagiac District Library  bar 1010991011998994
Dowling Public Library  bar 324223333328
Dryden Township Library  bar 664444444444
East Lansing Public Library  bar 40404342333130332628346
Eastpointe Memorial Library  bar 182019191312131919152
Eaton Rapids Area District Library  bar 655554444446
Eau Claire District Library  bar 888888888779
Ecorse Public Library  bar 336
Elk Rapids District Library  bar 88788101111101091
Elk Township Library  bar 222222222220
Elsie Public Library  bar 444466554749
Escanaba Public Library  bar 10111111111010101010104
Evart Public Library  bar 666666655557
Fairgrove District Library  bar 77777776661
Farmington Community Library  bar 9698969410099931061411401,063
Fennville District Library  bar 11101099998111197
Ferndale Area District Library  bar 13101313141617182527166
Fife Lake Public Library  bar 8897667891280
Flat River Community Library  bar 15151515151616161516154
Flat Rock Public Library  bar 9101212141414141311123
Flint Public Library  bar 65615958554843383436497
Forsyth Township Public Library  bar 323445555642
Fowlerville District Library  bar 991112101010101010101
Frankenmuth James E. Wickson District Library  bar 12111111111111111111111
Franklin Public Library  bar 101010999988890
Fraser Public Library  bar 20181717171716202021183
Freeport District Library  bar 555555557754
Fremont Area District Library  bar 17171820181614151515165
Galesburg-Charleston Memorial District Library  bar 222222233424
Galien Township Public Library  bar 222222222220
Garden City Public Library  bar 111111887779988
Gary Byker Memorial Library of Hudsonville  bar 14151515151111141412136
Genesee District Library  bar 1711801801801331231311361331341,501
George W. Spindler Memorial Library  bar 233335543334
Georgetown Township Public Library  bar 25252629292927282722267
Gladstone School & Public Library  bar 555555666654
Gladwin County District Library  bar 11141414141522171817156
Glen Lake Community Library  bar 332233333328
Goodland Township Library  bar 1113
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library  bar 62595756565652525354557
Grand Ledge Area District Library  bar 17171718181717161515167
Grand Rapids Public Library  bar 1641641661671651561541511501511,588
Grant Area District Library  bar 121099910101010998
Grosse Pointe Public Library  bar 1041041041041029589941021031,001
Hackley Public Library  bar 45414139393331282828353
Hamburg Township Library  bar 13131313121212121414128
Hamtramck Public Library  bar 1212131414151711109127
ZZZ Hancock School Public Library (Merged with Portage Lake D.L. 2019)  bar 223333333328
Harbor Beach Area District Library  bar 887777888876
Harper Woods Public Library  bar 14141616161717171414155
Harrison District Library  bar 554477888864
Harrison Township Public Library  bar 0100910
Hart Area Public Library  bar 987787777774
Hartford Public Library  bar 555666666657
Hastings Public Library  bar 12141515131314141315138
Hazel Park Memorial District Library  bar 15151415171514151212144
Henika District Library  bar 888876666669
Herrick District Library  bar 80797981757666646489753
Hesperia Community Library  bar 88888101010101090
Highland Township Public Library  bar 23212123222223212121218
Hillsdale Community Library  bar 10101099991010894
Holly Township Library  bar 88888101010101090
Home Township Library  bar 544555555548
Homer Public Library  bar 666675565759
Hopkins District Library  bar 544433332233
Houghton Lake Public Library  bar 788888888879
Howard Miller Library  bar 18181818181916161616173
Howe Memorial Library  bar 555554444445
Howell Carnegie District Library  bar 42414648453736383838409
Hudson Carnegie District Library  bar 444443334437
Huntington Woods Public Library  bar 16161616141414141414148
Indian River Area Library  bar 333333333330
Interlochen Public Library  bar 88999101076884
Ionia Community Library  bar 10101010101011111212106
Iosco-Arenac District Library  bar 8899999910989
Ironwood Carnegie Library  bar 777887555564
Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library  bar 555566555552
J. C. Wheeler Public Library  bar 222233333326
Jackson District Library  bar 1321301281341301401411581561531,402
Jacquelin E. Opperman Memorial Library  bar 222222222220
Jonesville District Library  bar 334444455541
Jordan Valley District Library  bar 661012121210131013104
Kalamazoo Public Library  bar 1751881801651521561581671671701,678
Kalkaska County Library  bar 667999910101085
Kent District Library  bar 2452632762812752792862802862982,769
L'Anse Area School-Public Library  bar 333343322228
Laingsburg Public Library  bar 444333333333
Lake Linden-Hubbell School/Public Library  bar 443333333332
Lake Odessa Community Library  bar 455577777761
Lapeer District Library  bar 44444144454646464547448
Lawrence Memorial Public Library  bar 00000022228
Lawton Public Library  bar 544444443440
Leanna Hicks Public Library of Inkster  bar 55556733
Leelanau Township Library  bar 222222222321
Leighton Township Library  bar 778998779879
Leland Township Public Library  bar 444445555646
Lenawee District Library  bar 22222221191919192121205
Lenox Township Library  bar 88881088810985
LeRoy Community Library  bar 333222222223
Lincoln Park Public Library  bar 6612
Lincoln Township Public Library  bar 21232423191916182020203
Litchfield District Library  bar 555554444445
Livonia Public Library  bar 76828281786454554752671
Lois Wagner Memorial Library  bar 888987766673
Loutit District Library  bar 29293231292928282828291
Luther Area Public Library  bar 444433333334
Lyon Township Public Library  bar 1191414141311111313123
Lyons Township District Library  bar 456554454446
M. Alice Chapin Memorial Library  bar 444444445441
MacDonald Public Library  bar 1212121212121212119116
Mackinac Island Public Library  bar 222222222220
Mackinaw Area Public Library  bar 888888777776
Madison Heights Public Library  bar 20191515131313131313147
Mancelona Township Library  bar 222222222220
Manchester District Library  bar 151414111110109911114
Manistee County Library  bar 25212222222221211819213
Manistique School & Public Library  bar 333333333330
Maple Rapids Public Library  bar 433333333331
Marcellus Township Wood Memorial Library  bar 655555555551
Marlette District Library  bar 555444444443
Marshall District Library  bar 27262626262524242424252
Mason County District Library  bar 31313229303434343435324
Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library  bar 222222222219191920187
Mayville District Public Library  bar 555666667961
McBain Community Library  bar 665566666658
McMillan Township Library  bar 111111111110
Melvindale Public Library  bar 336
Mendon Township Library  bar 333444444437
Menominee County Library  bar 665555555552
Merrill District Library  bar 333422222326
Milan Public Library  bar 699999988884
Milford Public Library  bar 27272626252623242523252
Millington Arbela District Library  bar 7988889991590
Missaukee District Library  bar 778777877772
Monroe County Library System  bar 1681571611611511471391301321321,478
Montmorency County Public Libraries  bar 999999999990
Moore Public Library  bar 765566665557
Morton Township Public Library  bar 555556444447
Mount Clemens Public Library  bar 24242322222121181817210
Mulliken District Library  bar 443233344434
Munising School Public Library  bar 222333333428
Muskegon Area District Library  bar 39384548505050505050470
Negaunee Public Library  bar 333333333330
New Buffalo Township Public Library  bar 13131313131211131313127
Newaygo Area District Library  bar 111298888881494
Niles District Library  bar 29302726242424262425259
North Adams Community Memorial Library  bar 111111111110
North Branch Township Library  bar 77888101110101594
Northfield Township Area Library  bar 99101012111188896
Northville District Library  bar 46565656555555555556545
Nottawa Township Library  bar 677897887774
Novi Public Library  bar 53555858676869746568635
Oak Park Public Library  bar 17202020171819202020191
Ogemaw District Library  bar 777777788873
Ontonagon Township Library  bar 222222222220
Orion Township Public Library  bar 46504950494443434244460
Osceola Township School Public Library  bar 222222222220
Oscoda County District Library  bar 444235433436
Otsego County Library  bar 20202120182220242020205
Otsego District Public Library  bar 12121414131316191917149
Ovid Public Library  bar 887766656766
Oxford Public Library  bar 35353227262631292928298
Parchment Community Library  bar 15151515151413121316143
Pathfinder Community Library  bar 555555556551
Patmos Library  bar 666666666660
Paw Paw District Library  bar 14151818181818181819174
Peninsula Community Library  bar 55555666101063
Pentwater Township Library  bar 1010109997711789
Pere Marquette District Library  bar 789788888879
Peter White Public Library  bar 38394241424340383839400
Petoskey District Library  bar 22232318181918181618193
Pigeon District Library  bar 10109877799985
Pinckney Community Public Library  bar 13131313131313131313130
Pittsford Public Library  bar 455544444443
Plymouth District Library  bar 57687173706867757566690
Pontiac Public Library  bar 11101121101110121617129
Port Austin Township Library  bar 655555555551
Portage District Library  bar 43423945444037424343418
Portage Lake District Library  bar 18191919181818181818183
Portland District Library  bar 10101111121111111111109
Potterville-Benton Township District Library  bar 333333333330
Presque Isle District Library  bar 16171919191717171719177
Public Libraries of Saginaw  bar 104105106106999695928585973
Putnam District Library  bar 554555555549
Rauchholz Memorial Library  bar 554444444442
Rawson Memorial Library  bar 1010911111010111110103
Ray Township Public Library  bar 23333781112759
Reading Community Library  bar 334333333331
Redford Township District Library  bar 35393839393132313737358
Reed City Area District Library  bar 446444445544
Reese Unity District Library  bar 557779776666
Republic-Michigamme Public Library  bar 111111111110
Richfield Township Public Library  bar 222222333324
Richland Community Library  bar 14141412121112121110122
Richland Township Library  bar 744444444443
Richmond Township Library  bar 111111111110
River Rapids District Library  bar 999996555672
River Rouge Public Library  bar 347
Riverview Veterans Memorial Library  bar 101010776668878
Rochester Hills Public Library  bar 1441421421421471451451971501531,507
Romeo District Library  bar 38433737383531312829347
Romulus Public Library  bar 39991040
Roscommon Area District Library  bar 77687776762
Roseville Public Library  bar 25272828192022222221234
Royal Oak Public Library  bar 46463638353436383834381
Royal Oak Township Public Library  bar 233333332227
Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library  bar 11141414111215131212128
Saint Charles District Library  bar 877777788773
Saint Clair County Library System  bar 981021061091071041051081121231,074
Saint Clair Shores Public Library  bar 25272728292524222222251
Saint Ignace Public Library  bar 333222222223
Salem Township Library  bar 776676666663
Salem-South Lyon District Library  bar 29303131322931414050344
Saline District Library  bar 38455050494644444242450
Sandusky District Library  bar 13131017181818161510148
Sanilac District Library  bar 555555555550
Saranac Public Library  bar 5656888991074
Saugatuck-Douglas District Library  bar 12121513131310111011120
Schoolcraft Community Library  bar 787889998881
Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library  bar 5566666747
Sebewaing Township Library  bar 335554444441
Seville Township Public Library  bar 344554444441
Shelby Area District Library  bar 11131414131213111111123
Shelby Township Library  bar 17171717171717192020178
Sherman Township Library  bar 34444423
Shiawassee District Library  bar 29292728282826262524270
Sleeper Public Library  bar 333333333330
Sodus Township Library  bar 222222222220
Somerset Township Library  bar 11114
South Haven Memorial Library  bar 12111112121216171512130
Southfield Public Library  bar 1331331281281331139410293931,150
Southgate Veterans Memorial Library  bar 121011111155
Sparta Carnegie Township Library  bar 8999101211121112103
Spies Public Library  bar 1010101099999994
Spring Lake District Library  bar 31353543383837363731361
Springfield Township Library  bar 14141415161615151515149
Stair District Library  bar 555555444446
Sterling Heights Public Library  bar 58575647434242414241469
Sturgis District Library  bar 13131414141414141414138
Sunfield District Library  bar 333334434434
Superior District Library  bar 18181818191817223738223
Surrey Township Public Library  bar 666555555553
Suttons Bay-Bingham District Library  bar 665444445547
Tahquamenon Area Public Library  bar 333344467744
Tamarack District Library  bar 578888898978
Taylor Community Library  bar 141731
Taymouth Township Library  bar 222222222220
Tecumseh District Library  bar 15151515151414141414145
Tekonsha Township Public Library  bar 222223333224
Theodore A. Cutler Memorial Library  bar 554444444543
Thomas E. Fleschner Memorial Library  bar 333333333330
Thomas Township Library  bar 991010111010109997
Thompson Home Public Library  bar 566657777763
Thornapple Kellogg School and Community Library  bar 766655544452
Three Oaks Township Public Library  bar 710109978767
Three Rivers Public Library  bar 13131313131313131312129
Timothy C. Hauenstein Reynolds Township Library  bar 776878767669
Topinabee Public Library  bar 222222222220
Traverse Area District Library  bar 93929588817670707073808
Trenton Veteran's Memorial Library  bar 161632
Troy Public Library  bar 137127117100707272757676922
Utica Public Library  bar 655555555551
Van Buren District Library  bar 48484748514748494948483
Vermontville Township Library  bar 444444444440
Vernon District Public Library  bar 322344444434
Vicksburg District Library  bar 14161516141614141414147
Wakefield Public Library  bar 222222222321
Waldron District Library  bar 233333344331
Walkerville Public/School Library  bar 111111111110
Walled Lake City Library  bar 788877688976
Walton Erickson Public Library  bar 443334444437
Warren Public Library  bar 48474848486161585859536
Waterford Township Public Library  bar 45454544393333333231380
Watertown Township Library  bar 111111111110
Watervliet District Library  bar 788887755568
Wayne Public Library  bar 28293124232323212120243
West Bloomfield Township Public Library  bar 98999693888787858374890
West Branch District Library  bar 655688889770
West Iron District Library  bar 988888977779
Wheatland Township Library  bar 444333333333
White Cloud Community Library  bar 888889999884
White Lake Community Library  bar 12111112151212121115123
White Lake Township Library  bar 22192121212121212121209
White Pigeon Township Library  bar 777776677869
White Pine District Library  bar 777777778872
Whitefish Township Community Library  bar 467798666766
Willard Public Library  bar 1049610388778173757475846
William P. Faust Public Library of Westland  bar 46484438343439464742418
Wixom Public Library  bar 15171719191918181819179
Wolverine Community Library  bar 212222222219
Ypsilanti District Library  bar 61605758595353555555566
Z(Closed) Palo Community School District Public Library  bar 1111116
Z(Closed) Rudyard School-Public Library (Closed)  bar 56777638
Z(Closed) Wayne County Public Library CLOSED  bar 12712912610282706565766
ZClosed Edna C. Bentley Memorial Library (now a branch of Community District Library)  bar 44
ZClosed Idlewild Public Library - Closed  bar 111115
ZClosed Macomb County Library (Closed)  bar 6352115
ZClosed Washtenaw County Library (Closed)  bar 5510
Total Paid Employees FTE (40 Hours/wk)  trendFY 2007-2008FY 2008-2009FY 2009-2010FY 2010-2011FY 2011-2012FY 2012-2013FY 2013-2014FY 2014-2015FY 2015-2016FY 2016-2017Total
ZZZ Closed Adams-Pratt Oakland County Law Library  bar 4.504.504.503.503.503.504.
Addison Township Public Library  bar 2.482.482.482.504.004.803.503.503.553.60
Adrian District Library  bar 10.1510.1510.159.408.506.807.006.907.657.65
Aitkin Memorial District Library  bar
Alanson Area Public Library  bar 0.880.850.901.101.701.452.402.552.452.45
Albion District Library  bar 6.665.687.858.538.538.538.537.659.3010.38
Alcona County Library  bar 6.886.906.907.557.657.738.108.488.638.51
Alden District Library  bar 2.131.832.252.402.302.
Allegan District Library  bar 7.007.307.807.657.907.707.707.008.638.95
Allen Park Public Library  bar
Allendale Township Library  bar 5.506.006.456.155.605.506.006.156.355.98
Alma Public Library  bar
Almont District Library  bar 9.008.708.707.407.406.
Alpena County Library  bar 14.6315.4516.5316.7017.1516.7815.5815.8017.0117.03
Alvah N. Belding Memorial Library  bar 5.355.355.355.
Ann Arbor District Library  bar 154.00161.00168.50156.00164.50159.00163.00153.00140.00170.00
Armada Free Public Library  bar 3.633.703.753.753.753.753.753.753.753.75
Ashley District Library  bar 0.530.530.530.530.530.700.850.680.880.68
Athens Community Library  bar 0.500.780.781.000.980.980.980.981.281.28
Auburn Hills Public Library  bar 13.5013.4313.5513.5513.5514.4511.7313.8312.6913.65
Augusta-Ross Township District Library  bar 2.302.152.352.152.652.652.652.653.002.65
Bacon Memorial District Library  bar 8.2510.1410.149.919.7810.1010.6810.9310.1510.15
Bad Axe District Library  bar 3.253.635.754.034.103.913.883.563.583.55
Baldwin Public Library  bar 39.9540.3139.3735.4334.3028.9029.3530.1631.0532.57
Barryton Public Library  bar
Bay County Library System  bar 85.3131.3973.4770.6473.2071.3370.6676.3168.7667.71
Beaver Island District Library  bar 0.800.900.900.900.900.901.501.651.501.28
Bellaire Public Library  bar 1.681.681.681.681.681.681.681.682.132.13
Belleville Area District Library  bar 12.3012.3312.6312.6412.6512.35
Bellevue Township Library  bar
Benton Harbor Public Library  bar 12.1912.6912.6912.6912.6911.0611.0611.0611.069.10
Benzie Shores District Library  bar 2.733.083.183.453.383.383.383.353.433.43
Benzonia Public Library  bar
Berkley Public Library  bar 10.2310.2310.2310.2310.2310.239.809.809.809.75
Berrien Springs Community Library  bar 6.106.746.746.756.756.636.257.017.805.93
Bessemer Public Library  bar 1.351.351.351.351.351.351.351.351.401.40
Betsie Valley District Library  bar 0.950.980.981.
Big Rapids Community Library  bar
Blair Memorial Library  bar 6.706.807.066.986.506.606.405.765.635.63
Bloomfield Township Public Library  bar 57.8354.0354.0353.5556.3056.3056.3052.7473.8651.75
Boyne District Library  bar 6.766.766.857.407.307.556.987.107.109.33
Branch District Library  bar 18.9519.9518.4518.4518.4521.4517.8815.7515.7520.05
Brandon Township Public Library  bar 20.0319.3316.3815.9014.9515.4013.4012.089.7512.43
Bridgeport Public Library  bar
Bridgman Public Library  bar 7.788.487.437.707.507.638.337.957.387.38
Briggs District Library  bar 6.637.037.056.985.935.685.856.086.085.83
Brighton District Library  bar 28.5530.6431.2233.5433.8632.6930.4030.0528.8029.07
Brown City Public Library  bar 0.850.850.850.850.980.980.980.980.980.98
Buchanan District Library  bar 6.537.157.156.956.706.436.356.356.607.63
Bullard Sanford Memorial Library  bar
Burlington Township Library  bar 0.450.450.45-
Burr Oak Township Library  bar
Cadillac-Wexford County Public Library  bar 16.0017.0017.0019.2517.8317.3517.5017.3817.9117.01
Calumet Public School Library  bar 1.952.
Camden Township Library  bar 1.651.601.601.601.551.551.451.451.451.25
Canton Public Library  bar 60.8662.7564.5262.1957.7853.0353.7454.2154.9356.33
Capital Area District Libraries  bar 158.41159.48159.13159.25151.95144.95137.98135.38137.50142.15
Caro Area District Library  bar 9.739.8610.4910.7010.7011.7011.5811.589.558.65
Carp Lake Township Library  bar 0.630.500.600.500.500.500.500.550.58
Carson City Public Library  bar 3.884.034.033.933.933.933.934.234.254.33
Cass District Library  bar 15.3515.3515.8515.9015.9014.6516.1315.5816.5015.48
Cedar Springs Public Library  bar
Center Line Public Library  bar 3.273.314.424.413.904.384.304.284.284.53
Central Lake District Library  bar 2.402.382.452.452.452.452.632.602.502.35
Charles A. Ransom District Library  bar 6.786.786.506.
Charlevoix Public Library  bar 11.0012.7313.2512.7312.8812.5012.6612.1812.0012.00
Charlotte Community Library  bar 13.5813.8311.3812.8812.8812.889.959.959.1810.05
Chase Township Public Library  bar 0.880.880.880.880.880.880.880.880.880.88
Cheboygan Area Public Library  bar
Chelsea District Library  bar 17.6318.4317.9519.2018.4818.4818.4818.4818.4818.48
Chesterfield Township Library  bar 15.9017.1516.9517.5316.3916.4614.2413.4713.8213.94
Chippewa River District Library System  bar 29.7829.8529.8530.3528.0026.0526.1026.1027.8027.80
Clarkston Independence District Library  bar 16.2616.8018.6016.5314.4513.0012.559.4314.7119.54
Clinton Township Public Library  bar 2.732.732.732.732.732.732.732.732.732.73
Clinton-Macomb Public Library  bar 48.8054.6354.6354.6354.6354.6354.6352.8042.2051.13
Coleman Area Library  bar
Coloma Public Library  bar 6.005.755.755.755.635.634.954.955.354.85
Colon Township Library  bar 2.302.282.252.332.332.332.332.332.332.40
Columbia Township Library  bar 1.000.801.001.051.401.731.751.751.691.70
Commerce Township Community Library  bar 9.7811.2013.1013.1014.0315.6617.0417.0415.8515.86
Community District Library  bar 6.817.039.339.659.658.658.658.538.258.25
Comstock Township Library  bar 8.908.908.908.908.908.908.909.409.889.88
Constantine Township Library  bar 2.472.833.
Coopersville Area District Library  bar 4.304.174.674.654.534.654.434.434.654.38
Crawford County Library  bar 10.3311.509.709.008.988.938.858.608.948.94
Cromaine District Library  bar 22.4823.3522.9321.6522.1822.0022.7022.7021.1520.13
Crooked Tree District Library  bar
Croton Township Library  bar 1.331.631.701.301.381.331.20
Crystal Falls District Community Library  bar 2.912.912.913.263.263.393.403.443.443.47
Curtis Township Library  bar
Darcy Library of Beulah  bar 0.850.850.850.850.851.681.651.701.551.85
Dearborn Heights City Libraries  bar 17.5017.7522.5323.7522.0022.4820.6819.4820.5017.50
Dearborn Public Library  bar 64.2060.1861.5362.1547.7550.4551.3553.2853.7856.75
Deckerville Public Library  bar 1.551.681.681.681.681.681.651.651.651.58
Delta Township District Library  bar 8.3911.7520.5020.5020.5020.5019.0019.0015.6015.60
Delton District Library  bar 3.983.883.703.333.333.253.082.903.803.78
ZZZ (Now a Branch of Superior D.L.) DeTour Area School and Public Library  bar 1.351.351.351.100.931.
Detroit Public Library  bar 428.00421.50415.50416.00364.00332.00339.00326.00297.00288.00
DeWitt District Library  bar 11.2511.7511.7511.7511.759.257.507.8510.1312.03
Dexter District Library  bar 8.989.8816.8016.1816.7518.4017.2517.2517.5018.90
Dickinson County Library  bar 14.9214.8413.9413.6414.1613.4613.7614.3112.8813.16
Dorothy Hull Library - Windsor Township  bar
Dorr Township Library  bar 3.303.333.332.902.032.902.904.054.054.05
Dowagiac District Library  bar
Dowling Public Library  bar 0.601.
Dryden Township Library  bar
East Lansing Public Library  bar 23.1023.7323.3122.1018.1315.6515.8517.6815.3815.98
Eastpointe Memorial Library  bar 10.0411.1110.319.366.247.097.639.539.738.52
Eaton Rapids Area District Library  bar 4.003.633.
Eau Claire District Library  bar
Ecorse Public Library  bar
Elk Rapids District Library  bar 3.603.603.603.403.404.104.354.304.694.71
Elk Township Library  bar
Elsie Public Library  bar 2.702.702.702.682.702.031.951.951.851.73
Escanaba Public Library  bar 7.257.757.757.757.757.387.387.387.387.38
Evart Public Library  bar 2.652.652.652.652.
Fairgrove District Library  bar 2.332.332.332.332.
Falmouth Area Library  bar
Farmington Community Library  bar 60.1561.0561.7057.9057.0058.2058.0064.7575.4372.23
Fennville District Library  bar 5.335.335.335.455.455.455.455.635.855.90
Ferndale Area District Library  bar 7.888.889.6310.0010.6311.5011.8810.7510.2510.35
Fife Lake Public Library  bar 1.981.292.652.732.452.852.843.253.253.30
Flat River Community Library  bar 10.189.709.359.359.739.9310.0010.009.169.29
Flat Rock Public Library  bar 6.036.355.906.887.
Flint Public Library  bar 65.0056.0053.8053.0045.2842.5336.5031.3829.5031.15
Forsyth Township Public Library  bar 1.401.401.952.262.512.743.363.363.363.41
Fowlerville District Library  bar 4.984.985.555.797.407.407.407.407.408.35
Frankenmuth James E. Wickson District Library  bar 5.165.435.615.485.385.385.185.505.385.63
Franklin Public Library  bar 1.631.631.631.481.531.531.531.381.381.38
Fraser Public Library  bar 8.518.347.807.737.417.497.266.946.116.96
Freeport District Library  bar 1.501.701.731.631.631.501.501.781.701.68
Fremont Area District Library  bar 11.7311.6512.2512.3012.3010.459.189.689.689.68
Fruitport District Library  bar
Galesburg-Charleston Memorial District Library  bar 1.501.501.501.501.501.501.501.751.501.50
Galien Township Public Library  bar
Garden City Public Library  bar 5.705.705.703.903.903.634.004.145.406.09
Gary Byker Memorial Library of Hudsonville  bar 5.084.854.154.154.584.584.834.654.655.03
Genesee District Library  bar 115.50115.55115.55115.5590.0084.3090.4383.7082.0382.55
George W. Spindler Memorial Library  bar 0.580.600.600.540.550.630.580.580.600.60
Georgetown Township Public Library  bar 14.8115.3817.2318.3618.2018.2017.4018.4217.2514.91
Gladstone School & Public Library  bar 3.833.833.833.833.763.703.803.803.653.65
Gladwin County District Library  bar 8.088.309.089.088.989.009.389.3810.109.50
Glen Lake Community Library  bar 1.551.551.801.801.851.901.901.902.052.05
Goodland Township Library  bar
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library  bar 42.5040.0039.0038.7338.7338.7336.0036.1836.6336.50
Grand Ledge Area District Library  bar 11.1511.1511.1510.5010.5010.5010.509.309.009.43
Grand Rapids Public Library  bar 115.25113.25115.25117.63113.00107.50106.00104.5096.5098.00
Grant Area District Library  bar 5.934.915.355.335.334.955.105.354.104.30
Grosse Pointe Public Library  bar 41.7641.7341.7341.7349.4048.4041.2846.1046.1039.30
Hackley Public Library  bar 27.3325.3325.3324.1524.1521.4020.1818.5817.8117.81
Hamburg Township Library  bar
Hamtramck Public Library  bar 8.508.509.009.509.509.5010.008.505.506.50
ZZZ Hancock School Public Library (Merged with Portage Lake D.L. 2019)  bar 1.501.501.381.380.881.181.301.201.101.10
Harbor Beach Area District Library  bar 5.385.385.305.285.335.335.335.005.005.00
Harper Woods Public Library  bar 6.936.786.866.856.856.907.
Harrison District Library  bar 3.503.503.
Harrison Township Public Library  bar
Hart Area Public Library  bar 4.554.634.384.654.564.654.654.654.654.95
Hartford Public Library  bar 3.183.683.653.884.834.834.834.834.834.83
Hastings Public Library  bar 8.789.239.7310.339.739.709.419.418.869.68
Hazel Park Memorial District Library  bar 9.309.309.309.049.048.756.005.704.154.08
Henika District Library  bar 3.804.735.685.834.303.983.903.733.733.75
Herrick District Library  bar 56.7159.4659.3559.0856.4050.7347.5845.3745.2146.01
Hesperia Community Library  bar 3.083.753.753.753.804.
Highland Township Public Library  bar 13.4313.4113.4213.4913.2813.2813.3312.6112.7512.69
Hillsdale Community Library  bar 5.584.834.684.364.364.
Holly Township Library  bar 7.337.337.337.337.337.
Home Township Library  bar 2.602.502.502.532.532.532.532.532.532.53
Homer Public Library  bar
Hopkins District Library  bar 1.781.781.781.751.731.731.831.831.551.55
Houghton Lake Public Library  bar 6.867.797.797.857.787.767.787.807.297.36
Howard Miller Library  bar
Howe Memorial Library  bar 1.951.951.951.701.601.
Howell Carnegie District Library  bar 24.0824.9522.0921.4921.4921.2320.7821.6121.4121.75
Hudson Carnegie District Library  bar 2.732.532.532.402.402.281.701.702.132.13
Huntington Woods Public Library  bar 6.957.
Indian River Area Library  bar 1.801.931.931.932.002.001.942.001.881.88
Interlochen Public Library  bar 3.603.753.753.753.753.653.653.603.703.15
Ionia Community Library  bar 7.417.407.807.608.408.408.857.958.388.38
Iosco-Arenac District Library  bar
Ironwood Carnegie Library  bar 4.103.853.733.903.903.502.502.632.632.63
Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library  bar 3.303.303.303.183.353.353.353.383.383.30
J. C. Wheeler Public Library  bar
Jackson District Library  bar 74.2575.2071.8571.5369.6080.9370.8578.43102.1384.10
Jacquelin E. Opperman Memorial Library  bar
Jonesville District Library  bar 2.632.633.133.353.753.753.753.853.853.53
Jordan Valley District Library  bar 4.104.845.
Kalamazoo Public Library  bar 125.40136.40125.20116.63114.25116.50116.50120.50119.00121.00
Kalkaska County Library  bar 4.634.634.885.
Kent District Library  bar 189.86194.98203.03202.78195.75195.55196.88192.98198.00211.85
L'Anse Area School-Public Library  bar
Laingsburg Public Library  bar
Lake Linden-Hubbell School/Public Library  bar
Lake Odessa Community Library  bar 3.153.684.034.003.653.733.733.783.883.70
Lapeer District Library  bar 24.5024.5025.6324.1326.3822.9421.9320.3721.1121.60
Lawrence Memorial Public Library  bar
Lawton Public Library  bar
Leanna Hicks Public Library of Inkster  bar 3.333.393.393.393.113.83
Leelanau Township Library  bar 1.331.331.331.331.
Leighton Township Library  bar 3.003.433.633.903.784.803.733.783.883.70
Leland Township Public Library  bar 1.751.751.751.751.752.
Lenawee District Library  bar 15.4415.4415.0914.1512.7011.4511.4310.9311.8811.88
Lenox Township Library  bar 4.354.384.534.485.304.
LeRoy Community Library  bar 1.080.830.830.700.700.700.700.700.700.70
Lincoln Park Public Library  bar
Lincoln Township Public Library  bar 17.0017.6318.0017.6815.2515.2513.1810.0817.8815.51
Litchfield District Library  bar 1.851.771.771.781.781.391.391.161.331.33
Livonia Public Library  bar 55.5061.5061.5060.5057.8550.0045.2542.0043.7841.50
Lois Wagner Memorial Library  bar
Loutit District Library  bar 20.9321.3022.6522.2520.7520.7521.4021.5021.5021.50
Luther Area Public Library  bar 0.981.
Lyon Township Public Library  bar
Lyons Township District Library  bar 2.152.452.682.602.432.202.032.762.442.44
M. Alice Chapin Memorial Library  bar 1.731.731.731.491.491.501.501.381.381.38
MacDonald Public Library  bar 7.707.707.707.707.707.607.607.607.106.28
Mackinac Island Public Library  bar 1.751.751.751.751.751.751.751.751.751.75
Mackinaw Area Public Library  bar 4.554.554.554.804.934.934.634.334.784.23
Madison Heights Public Library  bar 10.028.568.907.566.716.846.846.847.147.14
Mancelona Township Library  bar 1.261.381.381.381.381.381.381.381.381.38
Manchester District Library  bar 5.305.335.566.785.635.135.135.385.134.43
Manistee County Library  bar 15.8016.4016.9816.9817.2417.2416.4916.2414.5014.50
Manistique School & Public Library  bar 1.981.981.981.981.981.981.981.981.981.98
Maple Rapids Public Library  bar 1.331.
Marcellus Township Wood Memorial Library  bar 1.961.951.961.951.951.952.382.382.382.38
Marenisco Township Library  bar
Marlette District Library  bar 2.702.752.462.382.
Marshall District Library  bar 16.2920.0515.9515.5015.6015.3315.4515.5315.5015.55
Mason County District Library  bar 12.9812.9812.9814.0315.2515.8315.8313.7014.0814.83
Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library  bar 14.0813.4313.3612.4313.2012.2812.2812.1512.3012.30
Mayville District Public Library  bar
McBain Community Library  bar
McMillan Township Library  bar 0.580.580.580.580.580.580.580.580.580.58
Melvindale Public Library  bar
Mendon Township Library  bar 1.551.551.551.551.551.551.551.551.551.55
Menominee County Library  bar 4.804.804.404.404.404.404.404.404.404.40
Merrill District Library  bar 1.531.531.531.881.381.
Milan Public Library  bar 4.166.636.646.506.135.505.505.235.235.23
Milford Public Library  bar 16.3415.9415.4616.6315.5615.1114.2914.4014.2613.28
Millington Arbela District Library  bar 3.383.583.523.683.753.753.683.483.483.43
Missaukee District Library  bar 3.703.703.783.483.483.483.733.733.733.73
Monroe County Library System  bar 107.66101.53104.58104.95100.13100.6991.9988.1688.9488.94
Montmorency County Public Libraries  bar 4.634.634.634.634.634.635.185.455.655.65
Moore Public Library  bar 2.332.652.932.932.932.932.932.932.932.93
Morton Township Public Library  bar
Mount Clemens Public Library  bar 14.2614.2514.2613.8013.8013.5013.5013.2013.2013.20
Mulliken District Library  bar
Munising School Public Library  bar 1.691.751.752.
Muskegon Area District Library  bar 23.2323.8827.7829.1330.1330.1330.1330.1330.1330.13
Negaunee Public Library  bar 2.381.481.551.551.551.801.801.801.761.75
New Buffalo Township Public Library  bar 5.584.715.
Newaygo Area District Library  bar
Niles District Library  bar 19.4518.2518.2518.1315.7515.7515.7515.8517.5017.38
North Adams Community Memorial Library  bar 0.730.730.730.630.630.500.500.500.500.50
North Branch Township Library  bar
Northfield Township Area Library  bar 5.635.636.486.507.035.857.705.255.835.53
Northville District Library  bar 24.9326.4326.4326.4327.5427.5327.5327.5327.5327.53
Nottawa Township Library  bar 3.813.643.833.904.264.305.654.644.363.93
Novi Public Library  bar 32.3633.7135.4435.4438.6138.6340.5942.6339.2540.65
Oak Park Public Library  bar 10.8611.2810.5010.508.907.307.8010.6010.6010.65
Ogemaw District Library  bar 5.985.985.985.985.985.985.985.985.985.98
Ontonagon Township Library  bar 1.651.651.651.651.651.651.651.651.651.65
Orion Township Public Library  bar 31.3731.2131.0331.7531.6129.4027.7528.3626.5427.65
Osceola Township School Public Library  bar
Oscoda County District Library  bar 2.442.512.512.501.702.382.752.002.502.73
Otsego County Library  bar 11.2610.9210.8011.5410.6810.8811.0311.1511.1611.70
Otsego District Public Library  bar 5.705.708.
Ovid Public Library  bar 2.832.833.
Oxford Public Library  bar 16.3016.1316.4415.5015.6815.4514.9513.4513.4513.70
Parchment Community Library  bar 7.787.007.467.447.517.687.697.587.888.10
Pathfinder Community Library  bar 2.832.832.832.832.832.832.832.833.583.38
Patmos Library  bar 2.932.932.872.852.852.803.
Paw Paw District Library  bar 8.758.559.459.4510.0510.0510.0510.0510.0511.05
Peninsula Community Library  bar 2.732.733.
Pentwater Township Library  bar 2.912.912.873.
Pere Marquette District Library  bar 3.253.504.504.585.
Peter White Public Library  bar 13.7326.0025.8025.3326.7827.4027.1525.5825.5825.48
Petoskey District Library  bar 10.1510.4010.4010.559.
Pigeon District Library  bar 4.804.804.794.754.414.434.254.254.784.78
Pinckney Community Public Library  bar 6.066.386.386.356.356.336.736.736.736.73
Pittsford Public Library  bar 0.750.750.780.800.800.800.850.900.900.90
Plymouth District Library  bar 37.3140.8341.6341.3540.4340.3842.9145.6041.7844.00
Pontiac Public Library  bar 7.758.309.1016.609.239.209.1010.2012.6813.25
Port Austin Township Library  bar 0.951.
Portage District Library  bar 31.2331.0030.0331.1632.3529.8128.5830.1231.2431.03
Portage Lake District Library  bar 8.609.359.359.6010.0010.0010.009.8810.9010.00
Portland District Library  bar 6.566.537.
Potterville-Benton Township District Library  bar 1.561.651.661.651.681.631.631.631.651.63
Presque Isle District Library  bar 12.7614.1316.1316.1315.5814.0314.0314.0314.0316.35
Public Libraries of Saginaw  bar 71.5369.9568.9569.5365.1564.1864.4363.3350.1848.73
Putnam District Library  bar
Rauchholz Memorial Library  bar
Rawson Memorial Library  bar 5.705.705.906.736.485.
Ray Township Public Library  bar 0.630.981.
Reading Community Library  bar
Redford Township District Library  bar 20.6821.7521.8522.6022.0619.0019.2318.7321.0321.53
Reed City Area District Library  bar 2.702.702.702.502.502.502.452.452.452.60
Reese Unity District Library  bar 2.682.683.283.433.433.552.702.702.802.80
Republic-Michigamme Public Library  bar 0.380.380.380.380.380.380.380.380.450.45
Richfield Township Public Library  bar
Richland Community Library  bar 5.555.635.636.086.085.635.356.585.886.20
Richland Township Library  bar 2.682.632.031.801.802.002.001.951.952.05
Richmond Township Library  bar 0.550.650.650.650.650.650.650.650.650.65
River Rapids District Library  bar 4.404.404.404.404.403.132.602.852.853.00
River Rouge Public Library  bar
Riverview Veterans Memorial Library  bar 4.984.984.984.004.003.504.
Rochester Hills Public Library  bar 64.7060.4060.4060.4060.5359.9861.8360.4059.5360.03
Romeo District Library  bar 24.1824.9517.9517.9521.1121.2922.1022.1019.6317.98
Romulus Public Library  bar 0.001.585.455.805.806.53
Roscommon Area District Library  bar
Roseville Public Library  bar 17.0317.6018.6117.5010.9511.2810.6512.3812.9312.48
Royal Oak Public Library  bar 18.7118.7018.2319.5819.2519.2519.2019.2019.2019.28
Royal Oak Township Public Library  bar 0.901.631.401.681.551.181.601.881.611.58
Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library  bar 6.256.306.307.056.556.756.756.756.756.75
Saint Charles District Library  bar
Saint Clair County Library System  bar 62.0865.5966.1667.8667.0864.0667.5472.8567.8680.31
Saint Clair Shores Public Library  bar 19.7521.5020.8820.0018.1318.1318.8817.3816.0016.00
Saint Ignace Public Library  bar 1.431.431.431.
Salem Township Library  bar 3.483.503.303.553.503.453.353.703.753.75
Salem-South Lyon District Library  bar 16.9916.5116.3716.1316.2315.3615.4815.1616.7324.43
Saline District Library  bar 17.5020.9220.3621.3321.2019.3819.9121.3520.2320.05
Sandusky District Library  bar 6.005.385.384.505.205.605.985.355.105.20
Sanilac District Library  bar 3.002.962.982.982.583.
Saranac Public Library  bar 3.834.433.304.654.984.985.
Saugatuck-Douglas District Library  bar 4.485.055.305.614.844.664.834.494.444.49
Schoolcraft Community Library  bar 3.844.003.914.134.134.454.454.584.114.38
Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library  bar 3.453.603.603.603.603.603.603.68
Sebewaing Township Library  bar 1.881.882.
Seville Township Public Library  bar
Shelby Area District Library  bar 6.136.586.206.606.045.745.915.786.095.55
Shelby Township Library  bar 11.6811.6811.6811.6811.6811.6811.6811.6811.6811.99
Sherman Township Library  bar
Shiawassee District Library  bar 12.7513.6513.5513.5513.5513.5518.2518.3818.1317.75
Sleeper Public Library  bar 1.301.381.381.401.531.531.451.301.281.38
Sodus Township Library  bar 0.880.880.880.830.900.930.930.930.930.93
Somerset Township Library  bar
South Haven Memorial Library  bar 7.105.955.936.987.657.697.106.807.706.49
Southfield Public Library  bar 64.5064.5068.2568.2564.5059.7546.7547.7547.7547.75
Southgate Veterans Memorial Library  bar 0.006.356.206.586.806.80
Sparta Carnegie Township Library  bar
Spies Public Library  bar 7.507.507.507.506.636.636.696.566.696.69
Spring Lake District Library  bar 16.2318.3018.3518.0519.0315.9817.3017.4818.2320.12
Springfield Township Library  bar 8.888.889.269.669.609.608.778.778.778.75
Stair District Library  bar 2.302.302.
Sterling Heights Public Library  bar 32.2532.2531.3130.0328.1326.2326.2326.2526.8326.95
Sturgis District Library  bar 7.888.338.438.438.438.508.508.508.508.50
Sunfield District Library  bar 1.701.701.701.701.701.701.701.701.801.80
Superior District Library  bar 11.3211.3111.8111.2811.7011.5811.5614.1317.9412.56
Surrey Township Public Library  bar 4.754.604.604.405.005.004.754.754.754.75
Suttons Bay-Bingham District Library  bar 1.581.431.551.601.651.681.701.701.781.78
Tahquamenon Area Public Library  bar 2.702.702.702.332.462.792.953.833.503.33
Tamarack District Library  bar 3.734.835.205.355.455.485.406.035.555.50
Taylor Community Library  bar
Taymouth Township Library  bar 1.331.331.331.331.331.331.431.431.431.43
Tecumseh District Library  bar 10.3810.3812.1312.1312.1310.0011.4511.4511.4511.45
Tekonsha Township Public Library  bar 0.700.700.700.700.700.930.930.900.900.90
Theodore A. Cutler Memorial Library  bar
Thomas E. Fleschner Memorial Library  bar 1.501.501.501.401.401.401.531.531.531.53
Thomas Township Library  bar 5.655.335.535.605.505.535.535.535.505.48
Thompson Home Public Library  bar 2.852.542.882.882.802.902.902.902.982.68
Thornapple Kellogg School and Community Library  bar
Three Oaks Township Public Library  bar 3.032.552.251.451.451.451.601.60
Three Rivers Public Library  bar 7.907.907.707.457.458.308.138.208.337.45
Timothy C. Hauenstein Reynolds Township Library  bar 4.855.014.654.184.394.584.454.044.164.15
Topinabee Public Library  bar
Traverse Area District Library  bar 56.2054.9555.0354.6849.5849.5850.3549.4849.1047.83
Trenton Veteran's Memorial Library  bar
Troy Public Library  bar 66.7165.6365.0065.0037.5038.0038.0066.5047.6347.63
Utica Public Library  bar 2.902.802.802.802.502.502.502.632.632.25
Van Buren District Library  bar 23.7724.3825.1325.4527.8826.8527.5527.5528.2529.40
Vermontville Township Library  bar 1.462.
Vernon District Public Library  bar 1.130.850.861.631.751.751.831.831.631.63
Vicksburg District Library  bar 6.346.516.506.506.005.655.655.655.655.65
Wakefield Public Library  bar
Waldron District Library  bar 1.211.481.511.531.581.601.681.581.431.44
Walkerville Public/School Library  bar
Walled Lake City Library  bar 5.505.755.755.
Walton Erickson Public Library  bar 1.961.961.961.961.962.
Warren Public Library  bar 27.8827.7527.7526.4027.3536.0536.0539.4036.5832.80
Waterford Township Public Library  bar 31.3031.3031.3030.8023.3022.1022.1022.1020.1020.10
Watertown Township Library  bar 0.600.600.500.500.500.430.480.480.630.73
Watervliet District Library  bar 3.003.333.334.384.383.483.483.303.303.30
Wayne Public Library  bar 11.7811.7811.789.518.
West Bloomfield Township Public Library  bar 49.7850.5349.9148.0845.9545.4641.3040.6634.6635.85
West Branch District Library  bar
West Iron District Library  bar 5.356.486.486.486.486.486.786.586.586.58
Wheatland Township Library  bar 1.801.551.551.551.551.551.551.551.551.33
White Cloud Community Library  bar 5.636.386.706.706.706.985.759.008.255.70
White Lake Community Library  bar 7.517.
White Lake Township Library  bar 15.4011.4812.9512.9512.9512.9512.9512.9512.9512.95
White Pigeon Township Library  bar
White Pine District Library  bar 3.473.343.343.453.453.453.093.093.393.44
Whitefish Township Community Library  bar 0.710.840.850.851.
Willard Public Library  bar 63.4059.7064.9356.7352.3349.9047.3047.6348.1047.20
William P. Faust Public Library of Westland  bar 34.4836.2535.0530.8021.2821.2831.6843.6547.4530.58
Wixom Public Library  bar 8.7510.0310.0311.1511.0010.9810.5310.089.9810.11
Wolverine Community Library  bar 1.760.881.
Ypsilanti District Library  bar 45.8047.3045.3846.2547.6346.1343.8846.3846.3846.38
Z(Closed) Palo Community School District Public Library  bar 0.380.380.380.380.380.380.000.000.00
Z(Closed) Rudyard School-Public Library (Closed)  bar 1.661.663.383.383.383.380.000.000.00
Z(Closed) Wayne County Public Library CLOSED  bar 79.4080.1578.2661.3049.0039.9339.1339.130.000.00
Amasa Community Library  bar
ZClosed Corunna Public Library (Closed)  bar
ZClosed Edna C. Bentley Memorial Library (now a branch of Community District Library)  bar
ZClosed Harbor Springs Area District Library (Closed)  bar
ZClosed Idlewild Public Library - Closed  bar 0.500.500.500.500.500.
ZClosed Macomb County Library (Closed)  bar 37.5130.940.
ZClosed McGregor Public Library  bar
ZClosed Washtenaw County Library (Closed)  bar 2.822.960.
ZZZZ Michigan Library Association  bar
ZZZZZZZZ Detroit Subregional LBPH  bar