Location  (33) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.3e What type of internet connection does your library have? - Satellite 8.3f What type of internet connection does your library have? T-1, T-2 or T-3 8.4 Number of Computers with Internet access which are used by Staff Only 8.5 Number of Computers with Internet access used by General Public 8.6 Number of uses of electronic resources of Public Computers with Internet access per year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information
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BRISTOL PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesSirsiDynex0Fiber525425,5010YesMaLia and OWL139,06094
CHEATHAM COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0Cable8179,2941No17,9906
Claiborne County Public Library3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable32311,2471No5,819130
CLINTON PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAuto-Graphics Verso0Cable10298,9711No8,9101
CLYDE W. RODDY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAtriuum0Cable12529,0891No9,05419,226
COFFEE COUNTY LANNOM MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesSirsiDynix Symphony0Fiber10166,5540YesTenn-Share11,20416
COFFEE COUNTY-MANCHESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesSirsi Dynix Symphony0Cable13178,8480YesTenn Share10,38722,618
E. G. FISHER PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAutoGraphics VERSO0Cable11407,3281No
EVERETT HORN PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVERSO0Cable52610,9981No5,9580
FAYETTEVILLE-LINCOLN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAuto-graphics Verso0Fiber104915,7161No05
FRANKLIN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0Cable11237,5891No13,579193
GALLATIN PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesTLC - The Library Coorporation0Cable255115,9830YesRobertson County Libraries and Sumner County Libraries36,500754
Germantown Community Library3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesPolaris0Fiber224078,1920YesWolf River Library Consortium0
GILES COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAutographics (Verso)0Fiber10199,5991No10,7354
HARDIN COUNTY LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAgent Verso0Cable10267,3041No6,90531,798
LA VERGNE PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesBook Systems - Atriuum0Cable0Fiber132829,0881No4,50031
LAWRENCE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAtriuum0Cable122112,9690YesTenn-Share9,7602
LUCIUS E. AND ELSIE C. BURCH JR. LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesInnovative Polaris0T-1, T-2 or T-318127,7581No42,1202,742
MAGNESS COMMUNITY HOUSE & LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0Fiber143816,3261No4,133200
MARSHALL COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAtriuum0Fiber162013,1141No8,1620
MCIVER\'S GRANT PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAuto-Graphics' Verso0Cable73812,2331NoObion River Regional Library System12,129
MUNFORD-TIPTON COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0DSL3123,1101No3,4880
OAK RIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesSirsiDynix0DSL241915,8721No20,1010
OBION COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAlexandria0Fiber254438,6751No26,44115,789
PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesTLC-The Library Corporation-Library Solution0Cable14309,9890YesSumner and Robertson County8,4571,092
SHELBYVILLE-BEDFORD COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0Satellite93110,6191No10,2420
SOMERVILLE-FAYETTE COUNTY LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990Yesauto-graphics VERSO0Cable5138,2791No11,86353
STOKELY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso 50DSL4115,6871No7,8580
THE JOHN P. HOLT BRENTWOOD LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesPolaris0Fiber546620,1521No25,000127,415
TIPTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0DSL7802,2361No4,5931,458
W. G. RHEA PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesVerso0Cable82514,4221No13,4515,068
WHITE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9990YesAtriuum0Fiber164712,7431No
Tennessee State Library and Archives 2,6985,9694,191,041 4,509,3404,196,307
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