Location  (30) Population Level 5.1 Interlibrary loans as borrower: actual items received from other libraries and from Tennessee Resource Center 5.2 Interlibrary loans as lender: actual items provided to other libraries 5.3 Does your library participate in the Tennessee Library Card (TLC) Program? 5.3 Does your library have reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries? 5.4 If yes, which libraries? 6.1 Total number of square feet in library facility 6.2 Total number of bookmobiles
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BRISTOL PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9996,88015,5891No0YesWashington County (VA) Public Library49,8650
Claiborne County Public Library3Level IV: 25,000-49,9994181680Yes1No4,5240
CLINTON PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993143371No1No8,8920
COFFEE COUNTY LANNOM MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9991,1601,5560Yes0YesCoffee County Manchester public Library12,0000
COFFEE COUNTY-MANCHESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9991,5071,4090Yes1No11,0970
E. G. FISHER PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9999826061No1No14,0000
EVERETT HORN PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,999460991No0YesALL Tennessee ILL libraries6,0000
FAYETTEVILLE-LINCOLN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9994011480Yes1No16,7350
FRANKLIN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,999300690Yes1No11,4790
GALLATIN PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993416060Yes0YesAll TN libraries34,8770
Germantown Community Library3Level IV: 25,000-49,9996382121No0YesCollierville, Millington, and Arlington Public Libraries35,2000
HARDIN COUNTY LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9995392481No0YesAll ILL libraries in Tennessee15,3000
LA VERGNE PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,999001No1No20,0000
LAWRENCE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993401380Yes1No14,4400
LUCIUS E. AND ELSIE C. BURCH JR. LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,999941451No0YesGermantown Community Library Germantown TN26,0000
MAGNESS COMMUNITY HOUSE & LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993492581No1No10,0000
MARSHALL COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9998064390Yes1No10,0000
MCIVER'S GRANT PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993073981No1No17,5000
MUNFORD-TIPTON COUNTY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993112531No0YesAll Tennessee libraries participating in ILL4,2000
OAK RIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9995626151No1No24,0000
OBION COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993237561No1No30,0000
PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9996362670Yes0YesGallating Public Library of Sumner County, Hendersonville Public Library of Sumner County, Millersville Public Library of Sumner County, Westmoreland Public Library of Sumner County18,4860
SHELBYVILLE-BEDFORD COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993311770Yes1No11,9041
SOMERVILLE-FAYETTE COUNTY LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,99951791No0YesILL, all libraries in Tennessee5,9600
STOKELY MEMORIAL LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9992387481No1Noall libraries4,5980
THE JOHN P. HOLT BRENTWOOD LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9992271,6621No1No55,0000
TIPTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9997484191No1No25,9750
W. G. RHEA PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9993112531No0Yes11,8140
WHITE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY3Level IV: 25,000-49,9994854530Yes1No15,0000
Tennessee State Library and Archives 126,456126,565 3,473,9633
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