Location  (29) Population Level 8.1 Do you have an automated circulation system? 8.2 If yes, which system? 8.3b What type of internet connection does your library have? - DSL 8.3c What type of internet connection does your library have? - Cable 8.3d What type of internet connection does your library have? - Fiber 8.3f What type of internet connection does your library have? T-1, T-2 or T-3 8.3g What type of internet connection does your library have? - Other 8.4 Number of Computers with Internet access which are used by Staff Only 8.5 Number of Computers with Internet access used by General Public 8.6 Number of uses of electronic resources of Public Computers with Internet access per year 8.7 Is your library part of a consortium? 8.7a If yes, with whom? 8.8 Wireless Sessions Per Year 8.9 Successful Retrieval of Electronic Information
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ART CIRCLE PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtriuum by Booksystems Inc.0Cable354125,0661No23,7940
BLOUNT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtriuum by Book Systems0Cable0Fiber60106458,1151No136,69596,699
CHATTANOOGA PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesInnovative Polaris0Fiber7072104,0301No10,103
CLARKSVILLE MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable525760,8831No71,24752,912
CLEVELAND BRADLEY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAuto-Graphics, Verso0Cable0Other438899,0560YesTenn-share122,120100,025
DICKSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC0Cable112734,9971No17,049339
ELIZABETHTON/CARTER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony Workflows0Cable122521,9560YesOWL8,965268
GREENEVILLE-GREENE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix0Cable12239,2660Yes6,41820,034
Hawkins County Library System4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAtrium0Cable164842,3031No18,900593
HENDERSONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SUMNER COUNTY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesThe Library Corporation0Cable304716,0321NoGallatin public library, Millersville Public Library, Portland Public Library, Westmoreland Public Library,White House Public Library; Robertson County Public Library24,041
JACKSON-MADISON COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesPolaris0Fiber214754,3671No35,0014,667
JOHNSON CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix0Fiber425940,6630YesOWL-Organization of Watauga Libraries7,14232,755
KINGSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi Dynix0Fiber232330,4700YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries (OWL)10,8721,800
KNOX COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi/Dynix214270238,5611No9,164
LEBANON-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC-The Library Corporation0Cable254429,1841No7,450535
MAURY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesPolaris0DSL92418,3641No6,6841,057
Memphis Public Library & Information Center4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi Symphony, T-2 or T-3200587648,8391No22,063
MORRISTOWN-HAMBLEN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesApollo0Fiber181916,2121No18,404842
MT. JULIET-WILSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesThe Library Corporation (TLC)0DSL0Cable14129,7540YesTenn-Share4,267695
Nashville Public Library4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC Carl-X0Fiber533981637,4321No617,192405,923
PUTNAM COUNTY LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC - The Library Corporation0DSL0Cable277538,1351No8,70010,272
RUTHERFORD COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Unicorn0DSL0Cable0T-1, T-2 or T-35076395,0601No296,317229,279
SEVIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesAuto-Graphics Verso0DSL0Fiber308597,9211No84,88755,551
SPRING HILL PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesPolaris0Fiber131610,6781No985
STOKES BROWN PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesTLC (The Library Corporation)0Cable223520,6951No20,258412
SULLIVAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsiDynix Symphony0Cable0Fiber15649,8780YesOrganization of Watauga Libraries4,60012,862
WASHINGTON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesSirsi/Dynix0Cable162816,3800YesOWL14,9945,486
WILLIAMSON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY4Level V: 50,000-900,0000YesInnovative Interfaces, Inc. 0DSL0Cable0T-1, T-2 or T-31018442,2761No26,729105,538
Tennessee State Library and Archives 2,6885,6994,515,385 2,836,3411,609,749
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