Evidence-Based Management Webinar Access

To participate in a webinar, you will need the Session Key and phone Attendee PIN that was sent with your email confirmation. If you have not registered for a Webinar, or have misplaced your key and/or pin, please use our online registration form.

To connect to the voice portion of the Webinar:

Please dial toll-free 1-855-422-6644, and when prompted please enter the Attendee PIN: 6069232 followed by the pound sign (#). If you have not received a Session Key it will be provided after joining the voice portion of the Webinar.

To access the online Webinar:

Please enter the 4-digit Session Key, and then click the "Glance" button.
*The Webinar moderator will confirm the Session Key

You can test your browser for compatibility with Glance by selecting the "Can you Glance?" link above.

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